This everyday fleece jacket is perfect for almost every (casual) situation

I really want to live in the Backcountry Sherpa Bomber at all times.

It could work on a trip to the library or a family picnic on a cold day, or maybe on a long hike in the woods by my house. I’d wear one to business meetings as well, sticking out like a sore thumb. The reason is that this is one of the softest, most comfortable fleece jackets I have ever worn, and it has a softness that makes you want to wear it every day.

Of course, that’s not really possible. For starters, this is a more casual piece of apparel that fits better on a rainy day or during an outdoor adventure. During my testing period, I never wore this to the office and skipped it when there was a need for more formal attire. But one can dream, and maybe someday I won’t need to think so much about appearances.

The Sherpa is like a bomber combined with a sheep—and I mean that in a good way. The style is plush and comfortable, but the aesthetic leans more toward a bomber jacket than a traditional fleece. That’s why the photo above is quite accurate—it looks plush but also has a jacket vibe.

You do feel wrapped in the plush material, and as I mentioned at the outset, it works great on a walk or for an adventure, but not so much at work. The company is called Backcountry after all. I tended to wear this when I wanted to ensure I stayed warm on a hike.

The jacket has a mesh lining to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort. As a jacket, there’s enough bulk to wear a second inner fleece and other layers. The Sherpa is not form-fitting.

A large pocket on the front is great for your phone or a handheld GPS. The two-way zipper means better ventilation as well, as the zipper encourages airflow.

The materials it’s made from include 100% polyester sherpa fleece, a 100% polyester overlay, 95% polyester lining, and 5% elastane mesh interior. I don’t imagine this fleece will wear out anytime soon considering those materials. Even after multiple excursions, the fleece still looks as good as new, even without washing it yet.

The comfortable fit is nice, and the jacket is designed to regulate temperature. I found that it worked as expected on a day when things started out a bit cool in the afternoon and got colder into the evening.

My only issue here is that while the flexibility in temperature regulation is great, the jacket itself has a look that’s not very versatile for more formal occasions, like a dinner—this is strictly meant as casual attire.

Overall, I liked the Backcountry Sherpa Bomber for the purpose it serves, which is substance and comfort. It fits well into the bomber jacket trend, even though it’s not office-friendly.

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