Shield your infant from UV rays with BabyMoov’s beach tent

Babymoov’s Aquani beach tent blends a play yard and an infant pool together. It’s multi-use, practical, washable, and perfect for infants. While always supervised, babies have the opportunity to play at the beach, park, and outdoor pools alongside their siblings or friends. 

Upon opening, I am already impressed by how big the tent is. It’s big enough to hold my busy infant, but not bulky or heavy. It comes included with a canopy, mesh mosquito net, and a playpen. While a traditional tent takes time and practice to assemble and get right, Babymoov’s Aquani is quick and effortless with a seamless pop-up system. 

Whether you live in a warm climate year round or experience particularly scolding hot days during the summer months, it’s important to cover infants up with hats, sunscreen, and as much shade from direct sunlight as possible. Prior to turning one years old, babies don’t produce enough melanin to protect them from the sun’s UV rays. One of my concerns moving into the warmer months was how would I successfully entertain my son outside while protecting him from the hot heat all summer long. 

Fortunately, the Aquaini tent blocks 99% of harmful rays with a UPF of 50+ providing caretakers with comfort. 

In addition to the UV protection, the tent comes with a detachable mosquito net to protect from pesky bugs making it an adaptable tool for various outdoor activities such as camping or soccer games. 

The biggest appeal of the Aquani tent to me was its multi-use purposes. The entertainment options are endless with its ability to be transformed into a baby pool with a sun canopy, play mat with a mosquito net coverage, or a ball pit.

Caretakers know the sheer struggle it is to provide entertainment for active babies. The Aquani tent comes included with three infant toys to make the tent itself more exciting. Starting with the paddling pool, my nine month old couldn’t be more pleased with the opportunity to safely have his own personal splash pad. We took him to the beach for the first time on Father’s Day which was a particularly warm holiday this year. We couldn’t keep him in the direct sunlight the whole time, but wanted him to enjoy the beach like everyone else. To our delight, he was happy to splash and play in the paddling pool the whole beach extravaganza. 

Babies love to splash, and caretakers can take comfort in that their infant will have full sun coverage without forfeiting any fun.  If not used as a paddling pool, babies can take supervised naps, be shielded from rays at parks, and even sit for dinner outside as the material is easily washable. 

Infants who aren’t mobile yet can still enjoy the beach too. The Aquani tent comes with a comfortable removable mattress allowing young infants to be safely protected from the sun while napping or resting. This would be particularly useful for parents with multiples who are desiring a reliable infant tent that can serve multiple purposes. One con of the Aquani tent may be that a toddler will likely outgrow it the paddling pool once they’re walking and moving in strides. However, it serves its purpose for a younger infant and can be used as a ball pit for older children. 

Whether looking for a safe spot for your baby to sit for a picnic or for splashing fun in the paddling pool, BabyMoov created an infant multipurpose tent to be enjoyed all summer long without a worry of any sun rays ruining the fun.

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