This Johnnie-O Sully Quarter-Zip Pullover is business-friendly and weather-ready

I don’t usually find products that can serve two purposes at once. Usually, most gear is designed for a particular intent — like cleaning the carpet or protecting your phone.

With the Johnnie-O Sully Quarter-Zip Pullover seems to find that perfect balance between a performance sweater and something that works really well in the office.

I should say right off the bat, quarter zip sweaters like this come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are just way too bulky and meant for hiking in the north woods. Some are too thin and designed more for the office. I’ve tested sweaters that were too long, too short, and too uncomfortable to take seriously or where that often.

Somehow, the Johnnie-O Sully Quarter-Zip Pullover really hits that sweet spot for me. First, the material is super soft and comfortable, almost preternaturally so. It shouldn’t be this soft, since I own and wear so many other quarter-zips that are a bit rough and scratchy.

Another perk is that this is a pullover you can easily wear to work. Here again, there are so many quarter-zips you might try that look like you’re going to play golf, go for a hike, or maybe wear it to a campsite. Yet, there are also quite a few that are too stuffy and business-like — they feel like you are trying to do double for a suitcoat and look dressy, and yet have a flat, boring look.

That’s why I was impressed with this product. The fabric is a blend of cotton, lyocell, and polyester. (I didn’t know this until I looked it up, but lyocell is a semi-synthetic made partly from wood and is aiming for more of a cotton feel.) What that means is that it isn’t just soft. It’s warm enough for hikes and “performance” adventures. I used the Johnnie-O Sully Quarter-Zip Pullover on a long hike by my house paired with a light rain jacket and never felt cold.

Just as importantly, the pullover works for the office. I wore it multiple times to a remote workspace and fit right in with everyone else. 

The pullover has a few interesting accents as well. The leather zipper just has a high-quality feel, and the inner lining contrasts nicely with the dark material. 

Johnnie-O mentions on their site how they have other shirts that match up nicely with this sweater for a complimentary look. A few other nice touches included a slightly elastic bottom portion that helps the sweater stay put, and a logo emblazoned on the collar that gives the sweater a nice elite look.

For me, the balance between being able to wear this product at the office but also for outdoor excursions makes it worth keeping in my closet during the colder seasons. It also makes me want to explore more Johnnie-O products — especially if they are all this impressive.