The high-tech Evo BLP-1 – an electric toothbrush worthy of Chadwick Boseman

There is no question that electric toothbrushes are better than traditional toothbrushes. My first electric was a Sonicare, and I noticed a difference in my teeth within weeks. The reality is they simply outperform manually brushing. Evo raises the stakes on the technology with their latest, the BLP-1. It is now a fully funded Collector’s toothbrush that is sure to make you smile – and it is most likely leaps and bounds better than your current brush.

An unboxing worthy of a superhero

I’m going to say it, and you are not going to believe me. This is the most incredible unboxing experience I’ve had in any review I’ve done (I’ve reviewed hundreds of products). Every company excited about their new product needs to take notes, because Evo is now the Gold Standard of unboxing. When I first get my hands on the modern Black Panther themed box, I feel the quality difference. The creators of this thing must care about every detail. When I open the top of the box, the toothbrush literally rises up out of the box in a smooth motion. Lights begin to flash, and audio reminds me of how exciting the product I’m about to test is. I almost had to wonder if more money was spent on the unboxing than the product (spoiler – it’s cool even after the unboxing).

The whole experience makes me feel special as a consumer and makes me want to take care of my purchase. I’m not sure what I will really do with the box now that the toothbrush sits on my bathroom counter, but my eight-year-old sure loves it. The same effect happens each time the box is opened. I’m half tempted to keep something I use in public in it. That way people can see the cool effect every time I go to get out a special pen or something. Yeah, I’m a nerd.

The BLP-1 is worthy of a Wakandan king

Let’s be honest though, while unboxings are cool – at least in this case – the product inside is what truly matters. The Evo BLP-1 does not disappoint. I quickly toss it on the similar themed charger, and I get another light show as it charges – pretty cool. When it’s done charging, I pick it up and get an onscreen greeting telling me “Good morning”. I can then select from a host of different modes to give my mouth the best clean ever. It knows the time of day and gives me a similar greeting at 9:30pm, “Good evening”. True confession, it will tell me “Good afternoon”, but I’ve yet to see this happen because I’m still just a twice a day brusher. Sorry everyone, I guess I’m gross.

I can now select between a lot of different modes and intensities depending on how I want to focus on my brushing in the moment. Physical arrow buttons are available for manual selections, or I can simply swipe up and down or left and right on the LED screen to make my selections. I tend to keep it on the maximum intensity which gives 40,000 sonic vibrations a minute. I can also select between five different modes that each give a different feel to my hygienic session. The modes include Whitening, Standard, Deep clean (my fav), Sensitive, and Gum Care. There are also five settings where I can set the Brush Time, Clock, see History, change intensity, and see info about the toothbrush.

The tech doesn’t end with a plethora of settings either. Smart pressure technology helps me know if I’m brushing too hard by displaying red lights down the brush as a visual indicator, but even if I ignore the lights, the toothbrush will automatically lower the intensity to protect my gums. This high-tech toothbrush even comes with a handy dandy carrying case (and a plug-in charger to set the device on as mentioned above).


The Evo BLP-1 is a toothbrush worthy of a superhero. It’s that simple. I thought my mouth felt clean from using my Sonicare, but I can feel a significant difference in cleanliness with this Black Panther themed beauty. It may not be a toothbrush for mom or grandma, unless they’re super into Marvel, but I can tell you it is hands down the coolest and best I’ve seen. Electric toothbrushes aren’t cheap, and the Evo BLP-1 is no exception. At the time of writing, the model will set you back between $90-$150 depending on the model you select. If you want one, check out the site and click “back this project” to see what options they have. Evo plans to ship these out in the second week of December in order to get them to consumers by Christmas.