Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review: A robot that actually scrubs your floors

Yeedi makes some of my favorite Robot Vacuums to date. One of the reasons I tend to like them is the low profile of the bot. The Vac 2 Pro is out, and I’ve now had the opportunity to test it thoroughly. It maintains its “low” profile, allows for better mopping than prior models, but still has one nuisance of a flaw. 

As stated above, Yeedi offers one of the best options for vacs due to how low it sits. Other vacs including iRobot, Roborock, and Dreametech are larger on top. Why does this matter? Well, if you truly want clean floors you want the vac to fit under things. Yeedi fits under all counter spaces AND it even fits under low setting furniture so I know my carpet is getting a full vacuum. The Vac 2 Pro is no exception. Yeedi is undoubtedly my go to when it comes to vacuuming my carpeted space.

When I first turn it on, I send it around the house to map, and I have no complaints here. The bot cruises relatively quickly through each room and a virtual map generates on my phone. This allows me to control which rooms I want cleaned, set virtual walls, and set “no go” spots for my cleaning. Pretty standard stuff nowadays. I can see where the vac is traveling and even send it home to empty regardless of whether I’m home. I can see clearly defined lines where the bot travels and it glides perfectly overlapped pathways in its travels. I love this because it makes me feel like it hits every square inch of the house. In the app I set it up to “double clean” rooms where my cat tends to lay around at max suction. 

The Vac 2 Pro mops like a champ. The previous Yeedi model could mop, but it mostly just drags a cold damp cloth across the floor. The Vac 2 Pro actually scrubs it. This is Yeedi’s first oscillating mop feature, and it works. I rub a few ingredients into the hardwood to see how it does, and overall it picks up most of it. I watch underneath the vac and see it move aggressively back and forth. I don’t work this hard – glad it does. 

The big difference maker though with tough stains is downward pressure. I did notice a small amount of Peanut Butter residue in a spot. I ran the Yeedi over it, and despite its best efforts it could not make the spot disappear. I had to take it on and it came up quickly with a rag. The Yeedi does a great job preventing the rest of the work on my hardwood though. This isn’t a complaint – rather an observation on the mopping. My life is certainly better with this little guy running around cleaning for me. 

That isn’t to say there isn’t a flaw however. While the Yeedi can detect carpet and rugs in mop mode in order to avoid them. It cannot vacuum carpet while the mop is in place. This means if I want it to mop, I have to pick it up and install the mop tank with the pad attached. Naturally, I have to take it off when I want it to vacuum my carpeted rooms. If you are looking for a great combo system where you aren’t involved much, this may not be “the droid you’re looking for.” 

It does work for me though. I’d rather swap out a water tank with a device that literally scrubs my floors as opposed to having two devices. I value my space, and I don’t want it taken over by ugly looking robots throughout. Perhaps at some point we will start to see more natural looking bots that blend into our rooms. As of now, they just look like modern devices in the corner. They fit well with some motifs and not so much with others. 

Overall, the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is a good companion to have in the home. You can buy it standalone, or spend a bit more for the emptying station. It has more app options than that of prior models – empties itself (provided you have the station), works flawlessly with Alexa (or Google if that’s your preference, mops, and cleans with great suction (3000Pa). I’m even more curious about the rotating mop heads in the Mop Station Pro by Yeedi. Perhaps I will get a chance to test and post thoughts at some point. Stay tuned, and enjoy not cleaning!