Your Apple Watch just got an upgrade, and this time it’s not a new software update

Credit: Nomad

I’ve had an Apple Watch since Series 0. You read that right, Series 0. Ever since I first put it on my wrist, I knew how impactful it would be on my life. 

Fast forward to today, with Apple Watch OS 7 Beta I can do more than ever before. Now I can track my sleep, get reminded of how long I have washed my hands, check the weather, iMessage my brother, call my wife, and so much more.

In the last few weeks, I have become fascinated with all the ways to upgrade my Apple Watch. I upgraded as much as I could via software with the beta update. At this point, I started looking at hardware upgrades.

Below is a list of four different physical upgrades I found, tried, and loved.

Bridger Bell Tilt

The Bridger Bell Tilt takes your Apple Watch and moves it to a much better viewing angle. I loved getting to see my watch easier while driving, while wearing long sleeves, and holding my child. While at first, I was wary about how this would actually work, I have grown to appreciate the different viewing angles.

Nomad Watch Straps

Nomad has been one of my favorite companies for a while now. They consistently put out quality gear. I got my hands on a couple of active leather straps with black hardware. From unboxing to now, I am in awe of the quality of the strap and the gorgeous leather. After only wearing it for a week or so, my brown strap has started to conform to my wrist beautifully. Made from genuine leather and quality hardware, these watch straps look and feel nice enough to wear on the fanciest of occasions yet can be dressed down with shorts and a t-shirt as well.

Aura Watch Strap

When it comes to tracking hydration, body composition, and other health aspects via your Apple Watch, you can’t beat the Aura watch strap. The Apple Watch is already one of the best fitness watches available. The Aura strap takes it up a level to be able to track so much more. It features a six-month battery life and can dive to one meter deep for thirty minutes, allowing for optimal tracking for water activities. This strap adds a bioimpedance analysis scanner to measure fat and muscle mass, can measure hydration, and more!

UAG Silicone Straps (Civilian and Scout)

When I got my Apple Watch, I ordered it with the black silicone strap. Admittedly I only used this for working out as I liked the look of my other straps more. However, since receiving the UAG silicone watch straps, I have found myself wearing them for more reasons than just working out. I have loved their comfortable and durable silicone material and the breathable inside of the band. I no longer wake up from sleep tracking all night long with my wrist raw from not being able to breathe. Additionally, with the buckle and tuck back design, I have zero fears of this band falling off. I have gone swimming in a lake wearing this, helped a friend move, worked out, gone four wheeling, running and more—all without any worry of accidentally losing my Apple Watch.