$25 is an absolute steal for this EDC knife — Gerber Pledge

I’ve been a knife guy for as long as I can remember. I still remember my first knife I ever bought myself was an assisted opening Gerber blade. In fact, I still have it! Because of this, I have an internal pull towards Gerber knives. I’ve reviewed some in the past, like the Fastball Cleaver and the Ayako, and I have to say, Gerber has continued to create some great knives over the years.

My newest find is something that I honestly forgot how cheap it was until I looked it up again to write down for this piece. This knife feels like it is worth four to five times the actual sticker price — in the best ways possible.

First Impressions

The Gerber Pledge is a single-hand flip blade with a pocket clip. Simple, classic, reliable. This knife feels familiar, like a knife you’ve carried for years, but at the same time feels refreshingly original and new. I found myself choosing to carry this knife almost daily over other custom knives I have simply because I enjoy carrying this knife.

The blade itself is a full panel, reverse Tanto blade with a reversible thumb-stud. Out of the box, I loved everything about this knife except the fact that it was set up for a right pocket carry, and I prefer to carry my blades in my left front pocket. So, after flipping the pocket clip, and making sure the thumb-stud was in the right place, I was good to go.

Gerber opted to finish the blade with a corrosion resistance agent to help the longevity and overall aesthetic of this blade. This black oxide beast blast is a welcomed addition as this blade is gorgeous, and now I know it will last longer too. The liner lock is a standard I was happy to see on this knife, both for its ease of use and safety.

Every Day Carry [EDC]

Since the first day that this knife arrived at my door, I’ve carried this knife as part of my EDC load out more often than not. That’s what I alluded to earlier when I mentioned that I forgot that this knife was only $25. I genuinely found myself grabbing for my Pledge over some of my other several hundred dollar knives, custom knifes, and fancier knives.

I’ve used this blade on just about everything. I’ve cut apples, opened packages, cut up cardboard, opened birthday gifts for my kids, I even used it to cut old zip ties and trim cable ties in a never-ending quest to keep a clean, yet highly productive home office desk.

The Pledge blade hides away in my pocket thanks to its slim and lightweight form. I barely even notice that it’s there throughout my day. When I do need it, I can pull my Gerber Pledge out quickly, safely, and with ease.

Final Thoughts

One month in, I thoroughly enjoy using this knife, and I even plan on carrying it today. If you are looking for a new knife, budget or not, for your EDC carry, a gift or to feed your knife addiction, check out the Gerber Pledge. Gerber offers the Pledge in two colors, Omni Grey (my obvious choice, all about the matte black look) and Urban Blue.

This knife, due to being so cheap, is literally perfect for any scenario. Regardless of if you plan to carry this with you daily, if you want to put it in a bag, keep at your desk, or throw it in your truck.