The knife I never knew I wanted – and why I can’t let it go

Two Gerber Fastball Cleaver knives laying on the forest floor.
Credit: Gerber

I’m a knife guy. I always have been. Gerber continues to be a company I rely on for my everyday needs. I unashamedly carry Gerber. With how frequently I use a knife throughout my days I know I need a knife I can rely on. That’s why I find it worth spending the extra cash for this peace of mind. Granted, some of my reasonings for “needing” and knife stem from action movies. I picture myself in scenarios alongside Matt Damon and Bruce Willis, ready for anything. Part of it is my personality, always prepared (Mom, I really should have been a boy scout).

Regardless of my reasons for carrying a knife, however realistic or fantastical, I carry one daily. I’m sad to admit, there are some days where my knife simply collects pocket lint. Other days, I find myself using my knife quite frequently.

When the time comes to utilize my blade, I want to know it will open without a problem, without friction, and without harm.

Any blade I’ve used slowly gains wear and tear in the opening mechanism. Most of my previous knives have slowed down, have a little bit of gravel in the opening motion, or simply do not open as fast as they used to. Sure you can regularly clean them, however, this doesn’t always result in an “as good as new” deployment.

Then came the Gerber Fastball Cleaver. From the moment I flicked this blade open (and admittedly cut myself), I was astonished by how smooth the action was, how sharp the edge was, and how much I already loved my new blade.

After months of consistent daily use, my Fastball Cleaver opens just as well as it did on day one, and it is still faster and smoother than any other knife I own (this includes my assisted opening knives). This is thanks to Gerber’s B.O.S.S. TECH opening mechanism. Gerber states that they utilize a stainless steel ball-bearing system, I simply state that it’s a noticeable improvement.

When discussing the cleaver-shaped design with a cousin of mine who is in the Marines, I was mocked. Openly. Repeatedly. He couldn’t find a reason to have such a small cleaver. Well, cousin, I may not be using a cleaver the way you do in your everyday work, but I love this blade.

It doesn’t hurt that this knife is gorgeous to look at. I have the Coyote Brown color. I take every opportunity to show it off to my fellow knife lovers – and I love watching their reactions.