Axiom Armor just made touch screens germ-free

A phone protected by Axiom Armor's Anti-Microbe ScreenFilm on a table next to a mug of coffee.

I once had a horse bite my phone until the screen snapped. I am sure that many of us have stories of our screens getting destroyed that are just as entertaining. Clearly, since the creation of the touchscreen, humankind has discovered just how clumsy we can be. Fortunately, many have invented different types of protection for these important screens.

Axiom Armor’s Anti-Microbe ScreenFilm has impressed me in so many ways. I’ve had a variety of screen protection, but this is definitely a favorite. Why? Because it’s more than a simple piece of glass, plastic, or whatever else we may put on our phones to protect them. It does more than just protect my phone; it protects my health too.

The Anti-Microbe ScreenFilm is perfect for these health-conscious times. As you might know, phone screens are packed with germs. This is why the Axiom Armor makes their Anti-Microbe ScreenFilm with chemicals that combat these potentially harmful bacteria.

This fancy screen protector is composed of a hydrogel film that can be placed over more than just phones. They have options for tablets and handheld gaming consoles as well. It is oil and grease resistant, scratch-resistant, and helps with wear on the screen. I have appreciated the oil resistance with my phone. My screen has been much more clear from pesky fingerprints.

Another thing that I absolutely love about this screen protector is that it is a gel. Its elastic qualities are said even to give it self-healing abilities. It absorbs shock when there is an impact on the screen. I also adore the texture of it. I am very sensitive to how things feel texturally, and the slight give (it’s very subtle, and many people might not even notice it) really makes me happy.

Of course, many great screen protectors could be fabulous if they actually could be applied well to screens. I’ve had my fair share of those irritating air bubbles that sit under the screen protector. I’ve even had a glass screen protector break during the application process. The Anti-Microbe ScreenFilm is luckily quite easy to apply. They even include a squeegee.

The application is a little tedious, but nothing bad at all. I would say it is comprehensive, which is something that I appreciate. I did have some small air bubbles at first, but they dissipated after a few hours (which is to be expected, according to the instructions). Overall, it’s a process worth taking a few minutes to complete for months — or maybe years — of excellent screen protection.

In the end, who doesn’t want a cleaner touchscreen? I certainly don’t mind it. Not to mention for me, the tactile joy I get from feeling the slight give of the gel (even if most people would say it feels like glass). And, if you are ready to purchase this item you can use the code Gearadical50 for 50% off or use this link for the code to automatically apply to your purchase.  

I am planning to enjoy this screen protector for a very long time to come, and even if my phone ends up in a horse’s mouth again, all that I’ll have is a germ-free, uncracked screen.