What will you put in your Trova Go?

A Sandstone-colored Trova Go case open on a nice, marble countertop.
Credit: Trova

“For our most sacred, ceremonial or recreational objects”. Trova loves to beat around the bush when it comes to the intended use case for their range of personal biometric safes. 

So what is a Trova Go exactly? This curious and smart little aluminum alloy box has been carefully engineered to look like a small external hard drive at a casual glance. But inside it holds small valuables and/or items that you would prefer to keep from wandering eyes. 

For $199 USD, the Trova Go is available in 4 colored aluminum alloy finishes (Sandstone, Fog, Charcoal, and Olive). My Trova Go arrived, packaged with a quick start guide and USB-C cable. Upon opening the box, I am greeted by another box wrapped with Trova branded tissue paper sealed by a green sticker that says “You look like you have something to hide”.

With its simple design and minimalist interface, it’s easy to forget that the Trova Go is packing a lot of technology under the hood. By downloading Trova’s app (iOS or Android) and pairing it to your phone, you’ll be able to open the safe with your phone’s facial recognition, receive status updates and even track its location with GPS using the “Never Lost” feature. The lithium-Ion battery fully charges in 1.5 hours and holds its charge for roughly a month depending on how often it’s used. It’s small enough at 6×3 inches to fit in my laptop bag or even the Nomatic Navigator Sling 6L that serves as my daily use bag. 

Inside there’s the sidecar box, a small rubberized container with a clear plastic lid for medication or small jewelry. With the sidecar box removed, there’s a full interior capacity of 5.2 x 3 inches with a height of 0.75 inches. I found I could keep my 42mm Apple watch inside with no problem, but thicker watches may be an issue. In the inner lid, there’s an elasticized band and magnetic loop that is handy for stowing cash, more jewelry, important paperwork, an ID, or other small items. With the sidecar box, there’s still lots of room left for a USB drive or a handful of SD cards with top-secret intelligence information like a list of locations for the government’s cheese caves.

If the Go is not quite large enough for your needs, Trova also offers the Trova Go Plus ($249USD), a slightly larger travel safe with the same length and width as the Go, but with a 30% deeper compartment. The company also offers the Trova Home ($549 USD), an even larger safe intended for home use.

Worried about your Trova Go getting all marked up and scratched? Trova thought of that too! The Trova Go Sleeve ($39.99USD) is a heavy-duty stitched natural leather case designed to protect your investment. 

In conclusion, the Trova Go is one of those devices that, once you have one, you can’t remember how you got along without it!

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