The charger Apple should have made for their new iPhones – and why you should buy it

I remember it clearly. When MagSafe was first announced in WWDC I was entranced. I thought it was brilliant. My mind began to run a million directions with what this could mean for the accessory game. Pretty quickly we saw wallets, cases and mounts take hold of the MagSafe magnets — pun intended.

Accessories like those are great. I use a plethora myself. However, the aspect that took a little longer to become more mainstream — in my humble opinion — was the speed at which one can now charge one’s iPhone without plugging in.

Since wireless qi charging came to the iPhone, I have made it my mission to plug in via cable as infrequently as possible. My office has a wireless charger, my home desk has a wireless charger, I have one in my living room, and even my bedside.

Where these two innovations merge is with MFi MagSafe charging. The ability to charge at 15W speeds without plugging in a cable. To make it even better, now I don’t have to slide my phone around a wireless pad until I feel it vibrate, alerting me that it is charging. Now, I simply put my phone anywhere close to the MagSafe charger and it’s pulled in like magic.

I’ve tried a lot of MagSafe chargers. I’ve liked quite a few. But there is none quite like the Base One and Base One Max from Nomad.

From the moment I unboxed these chargers, I knew I was holding something impressive. The premium, weighted design is truly an experience. The solid metal and glass top, along with the smooth finish on the Apple Watch charging side of the Base One Max is incredible. This feels like the Range Rover, the Private Jet, the Luxury version of any other charger I have tried. I have the black color for both chargers (of course, “Matte Black Everything“ is a way of life, shoutout MKBHD). Both are simply gorgeous.

I have the Base One in my living room, and the Base One Max in my bedroom. Every night when I charge my iPhone I know for a fact when my phone is on the charger and when it is not. I don’t have to wonder, or worry about bumping it off my wireless charger. It magnetically aligns itself and stays. Same for the living room. With my Base One, I don’t have to worry about my phone getting knocked down or bumped by my toddler running by. It stays. Not only because of the magnet via MagSafe, but also because of the weight of the charger itself!

Here’s where this charger gets even more impressive. I can charge any qi headphones as well. So I can power up my AirPods, my Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro’s or any other set of wirelessly charging headphones on the MagSafe charging pad.

This charger all around, knocks it out of the park. With the integrated watch and MagSafe chargers, USB-C charging, weighted base, clean, classic, minimalist colors, and all around build quality. This is the charger that Apple should have made, and this is the charger you should buy for your iPhone with MagSafe.

The ONLY downside is that it does not come with a power brick. But then again, neither does my iPhone….