What makes this the best portable charger for your portable work?

It’s no secret I’m pretty strongly tied to technology. My iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad go everywhere with me. Additionally, I’ll occasionally have a laptop I’m trying out, another tablet, my son’s iPad or any other number of gadgets in my bag on any given day.

With all that being said, all of these devices have one thing in common — a battery. All of these devices have batteries that drain at different rates.

When I am out at a coffee shop, posted up in my office, traveling, or on the road, I never want to be in the predicament where I am without power to my devices if I need it.

So, I have always had a portable battery in my backpack. Over the years these have changed, mostly growing in capacity. However, that was until I found the Infinicore P4. This is still in kickstarter, but I am so excited to see what the final product is.

The main concept is that this is a portable charger with three parts that can magnetically combine. The three parts are the plug, the hub, and the mobile.

The Plug

The plug portion is as simple as that. It is the best way to charge the P4. The charger has a 30W output, 1 USB-C port and 1 USB-A port. All while also having th e magnetic attachment to be able to connect to the Hub or Mobile to charge those as well

The Hub

The hub portion is the largest of the three sections. This is the bulk of the battery. With 100W and 12000mAh capacity. The hub boasts 15W wireless charging capabilities with Magsafe. There are also 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port.

The Mobile

The mobile portion is a 6000mAh power bank with a max of 45W output. The mobile has 15W wireless charging with MagSafe, just like the Hub, however it only has one USB-C port.

Where this gets to be remarkably impressive is when you combine all three portions together. Now, in one still very portable package, you have a power bank with a built in charging brick, and a 1800mAh capacity battery.

In Use

In my time using — and relying — on the P4, I have used it to charge my iPad at a coffee shop, my MacBook Pro while working offsite, my iPhone, headphones, watch (via charging cable and the USB-A port) and so many more devices.

I was seriously impressed at how much this small brick could do before dying on me. Additionally, plugging it in to charge it felt like a game every time due to the fun modular design.

After using the P4 for the last month or so, I can confidently say that I am thrilled to have pulled multiple other power bricks out of my bag because I know I can rely on the P4 to not only get the job done, but get it done with ease — and a bit of fun.