Check out this iPad Pro keyboard case before you buy a Magic Keyboard.

if you have an iPad Pro, or even a newer iPad Air, chances are you know of, and have thought about buying a Magic Keyboard. With Apple having created their own flagship keyboard solution for their wildly popular tablets, it can easily seem like that is the obvious choice.

However, as the popularity for these tablets increase, so does the demand for a quality iPad Pro keyboard case at multiple price points. Apple’s Magic Keyboard will continue to be the premium option, but what fills the slots just below? Where quality and features are still wonderful, but the price point is a bit less? Let’s talk about it.

Zagg’s Pro Keys with Trackpad for iPad Pro 12.9 is not only a phenomenal case that protects your iPad Pro, but it is also an impressive keyboard as well. This two-in-one system is both elegant and protective while staying sleek and productive.


Compared to the flagship Apple Magic Keyboard, this case and keyboard combo from Zagg has quite a few differences. However, to begin, let’s discuss the similarities. Beyond the fact that they are both keyboards, they also both contain the inverted-t arrow keys, backlit keys that are comfortable to type on, and they both have a multi-touch trackpad. While those are the expected “features” of an iPad keyboard case, those are also just about the only major similarities between these two cases. Just about every feature worth noting is different.


One of the elements most complained about that is missing from the Magic Keyboard is a row of function keys. Magic Keyboard does not have one, but this Pro Key setup from Zagg absolutely does. Featuring keys for volume control, media control (play/pause, next and previous) as well as keyboard layouts, the globe key, a lock and more. While these keys may not be revolutionary, the integration with an iPad keyboard is seemingly so.

Further, another set of three keys on the function row is designated around power and connection. One key is power, to turn the keyboard on and off. This is important to note because unlike the Magic Keyboard that runs off of the iPad’s battery via the smart connector, Zagg defaults to a low energy Bluetooth connection. With that being said, Zagg took the opportunity to add in two Bluetooth channels so that users can pair two devices, switching between them with a simple press of a key.

Since the keyboard is Bluetooth connected, that means it has a rechargeable battery, another thing that the Magic Keyboard does not have. Zagg was able to fit a 3 month (on average) battery into this keyboard, allowing the keyboard to auto turn off when not in use.

A few more areas worth noting are based around provided protection. The magic keyboard provides little to no protection for the iPad Pro. There are no bumper guards on the corners, nor raised edges to protect the screen. Those are all things that the Zagg Pro Keys case has for the iPad. A bumper guard that can even be removed from the keyboard, allowing you to keep protecting your iPad even if you don’t want to have the keyboard with you. With that, while the keyboard is attached, there is an additional strap that can magnetically hold the Apple Pencil in place too. One more way that Zagg has made their keyboard stand out in protecting your Apple gear.


One notable con for this case is that there are not a lot of adjustable angles for which to use the keyboard. You get two options. That is all. For some instances, that might not be what you want, or the right angle for you. However small this may seem, it is definitely something worth considering.

Overview and Conclusion

All in all, if you are looking for a case that has a function row or any sort of protection for your iPad Pro, the Zagg Pro Keys case/keyboard hybrid is the way to go for you. Ringing in at $200 for the 12.9 model with trackpad and $170 for the 12.9 without trackpad, this case is truly a contender in the iPad keyboard case market.