I slimmed down my card wallet – and you should too

For almost a year I used the same card wallet. That’s pretty good for me, as I cycle through gadgets quickly and often. Part of it is because of the line of work I am in with product reviews. Part of it is my personality and love for gear.

About a month ago I got the urge to change things up with my wallet. While I love my Nomad Wallet that I’ve been using, I want to start carrying less on a daily basis.

So, naturally, my first place to look was to see if Nomad had a smaller version of what I already know and love.

The wallet I chose to switch to and try out these last few weeks is Nomad’s Card Wallet in rustic brown. This wallet has been absolutely perfect for what I wanted, which was essentially a smaller version of what I had.

While Nomad states that this wallet can fit 10 cards comfortably, I have defaulted to carrying four cards and some cash. Having that little in my larger Card wallet Plus I used to carry seemed wrong and the wallet seemed like way too much. Now, in my newer Card Wallet, it fits perfect.

It’s only been a few weeks, but I am already noticing some wear on it which I actually love. Normally, noticing wear and tear, to me, feels like I’m not taking good enough care of my gear. As you can probably tell, I am a very particular person when it comes to my gear, just ask my wife and kids. But for the Horween leather from Nomad, I enjoy watching my wallet personalize to me. I can even watch and remember where each major scuff was from, which is from my son throwing my wallet, which is from my daughter trying to eat it, and which is from me mistakingly throwing it on top of my keys, etc.

One of the best parts about this wallet might honestly be the very reasonable price, coming in at $70. For the quality leather and overall build, that is a near steal.

One thing I have noticed that I don’t love about this wallet is that because it is such a tight leather, my ID (in the single outside slot) can bend sometimes if I have too much cash or an extra card stashed in the larger inner pocket. While I wish that was not the case, I also cannot blame the company entirely as there is no real possible way to keep that from happening while keeping the same formfactor.