Is the Roccat Kain 120 Aimo Gaming Mouse a masterpiece?

The Roccat Rain 120 Aimo gaming mouse.
Credit: Roccat

The search for a great mouse is overwhelming, to say the least. Is one mouse truly greater than another? Is it worth switching from an affordable or “cheap” wireless mouse to a more pricey gaming mouse? The answer depends on the user, but if you enjoy fast-paced gaming, comfort, and some sweet features — the answer is a resounding yes. Where does one even start looking? Allow me to offer an option. Roccat claims the Kain 120 Aimo Gaming Mouse is their “masterpiece”. I tested it out to determine how good it really is. 

The Kain design

If looks could kill, I think the Kain 120 would help me dominate a lot of the competition. It is a wired gaming mouse, and though I hate the appearance of wires, I have begrudgingly accepted the fact that wires deliver more speed. The surface material is tactile and smooth but never slippery. I am used to a slightly curved mouse and assumed this was necessary in order to achieve an ergonomic fit. Roccat takes that assumption and tosses it in favor of a “boxy” look, and it looks fantastic. 

The mouse somehow manages to be symmetrical in design and yet completely ergonomic at the same time. It fits perfectly in my hand and feels incredibly natural whether gaming or simply browsing the web. Weighing in at 89 grams (for another great option that is lightweight check out this mouse), it is slightly heavier than what I’m used to. While this initially bothered me, I quickly grew accustomed to the weight and now prefer it. 

The RGB lighting is simplistic and designed with a more sophisticated approach than many gaming mice I have seen recently. It is a solid design versus the honeycomb options that have been more prevalent on the market lately. This allows for more centralized lighting as opposed to the scattered messy look of a honeycomb mouse. I set the mouse up with Roccat’s “Aimo” illumination system and have the array of RGB color options at my disposal. Aimo is Roccat’s lighting system that allows me to configure the lighting with other Aimo compatible devices. It truly is a sight to behold when my keyboard, headset (see my Roccat wireless headset review here) and mouse synergize with the same lighting effects and color schemes. 

The Kain performance

The overall design and comfort of this mouse are premium, and it performs well too. I put the Kain 120 through a variety of PC game testing from slow-paced games such as Portal 2 to fast and furious click-heavy games like Apex and Star Wars Battlefront 2. 

Roccat claims its mouse delivers more speed and clicks than other mice. It boasts a 16ms speed advantage over other mice. In other words, if you and your opponent click at the same time supposedly you win – that is if you are using the Kain 120. The verdict? Maybe. I believe there are way too many variables that go into frenzy high-click competitive games. However, without the personal ability to determine when my opponent clicks, I am just not sure. I can say the Roccat’s responsiveness feels great and my gaming performance stayed par for the course with notable improvements in comfort during longer gaming sessions. 


The Roccat Kain 120 Aimo Gaming mouse is a brilliantly designed gaming option. It is aesthetically top on my list and offers amazing precision, speed, and accuracy. This mouse would make any gamer’s repertoire that much better. If the Kain 120 isn’t a masterpiece, I don’t know what is. Happy gaming.