Eliminate unwanted smells with the Simplemodern Rectangular Step Can

It really is the little things in life that can make the biggest difference. The smallest inconveniences can stack up over time, making seemingly simple tasks feel overwhelming. That’s how I was starting to feel about storing and taking out the trash in my own home. Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can (55L) made me realize how much a streamlined, efficient, and preventative set up can make my least favorite chore so much more bearable.

Looking back, the 55L Rectangular Step Can came at the perfect time. I was in a transitional moving period. The last thing I wanted to do was bring my nasty, no-longer-functional trash can from my old place to my new home. The step pedal would get jammed about every other time, the inside stunk like crazy, and the top of the lid had so many stains I just could not get off no matter how hard I tried. It was time for a reset. Now that I’ve been able to implement Simplehuman’s trash can into my life, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back. 

Product Features 

The SimpleHuman Rectangular Step Can is not your average trash can. First of all, the brushed stainless steel exterior is protected by an invisible silver-ion coating that resists fingerprints and the spread of germs. I love that I have yet to spot a fingerprint in my time testing this product. The steel pedal is engineered to last a whopping 150,000 steps, equalling a lifetime of 20 years if you estimate 20 steps per day. Even the lid is created with intention in mind. Its patented lid shox technology controls the drop of the lid, meaning a slow and silent close.

Additionally, my shipment came with an odorsorb pod refill. The all-natural pod was easily attached to the inside of the can and allowed for 45 days of trash odor elimination. Lastly, the Rectangular Step Can uses custom fit liners that fit perfectly. The thick, double-seamed material has yet to tear once for me and lets me pack the can to the brim. I love that there’s a back compartment to the trash can that allows you to store and pull in a new bag. It couldn’t be easier. 

What I like about it

Like I mentioned earlier, the trash can and I have not always been on good terms. My biggest pet peeve is that terrible trash smell that can start to emminate when things start to pile up. That was one of my bigger concerns, that the bigger trash can would lead to a stinkier environment. Fortunately, this trash can has exceeded my expectations in this area, even in comparison to smaller cans I’ve used in the past. I love how the trash can is easy to keep clean and that the bags never rip and create spills, preventing bad smells from even starting. If anything does begin to get funky, the odorsorb does a phenomenal job at neutralizing anything before it reaches any nostrils. 

I also appreciate greatly that the odor elimination and prevention make it easy to have a larger trash can. Nothing is better for me than knowing I have been able to cut down my time taking out the trash. It takes a load off my shoulders I didn’t even know I was carrying. 

What I don’t like about it 

Since this product has solved so many of my trash problems, it is hard to think of any cons. This product, while higher in cost, is an investment that will last you for years to come. One negative is the new commitment to buying specialized trash can bags. These run higher in price in comparison to the ones I’m used to purchasing. My typical 13 gallon trash bags cost me less than half than the bags required for the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can. While this makes sense for the product and it’s design, it is something to consider before jumping to purchase. 

Overall thoughts 

All in all, the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can has been a solution for so many trash related problems. At the end of the day, I value the significant decrease in odor in my kitchen, the durability of the trash bags, and the amount of trash I am able to store at a time. While the price is higher, I’ve found that it’s held up immensely well and functions significantly better than your standard trash can. 

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