Elepho’s eTherm thermometer will catch a fever faster than your child can wiggle free

A little girl getting her temperature taken by Elpho's eTherm thermometer.
Credit: Elepho

I’m a mother to three kids six and under. Sometime during the winter, one of them inevitably falls ill with a fever. Putting kids to bed is a challenge when they’re healthy (“No, you can’t have another drink, you’ll pee your pants”). And getting kids to sit still is a challenge when they’re healthy (“this is a restaurant, we are not at home”). Anyone with me? 

But putting sick kids to bed or making them sit still to check their temperature? No, thank you. I’ll pass. However, with three little kids, someone is bound to be sick once or twice — or what seems like all winter long. Trying to check the temperature of a cranky, wiggly, tired two-year-old? Almost never successful.

Thus, I was super pumped to try out the Elepho eTherm Thermometer. I’ve always admired the ear thermometers at the doctor’s office, but never wanted to pay the price at the store. I wish I had bent on the price ages ago, especially at only $30. I love the simple, light design. I can use it in the dark with a single push of a button. It took two seconds to check my daughter’s temperature yesterday when she woke up coughing and feeling warm. It went so fast she didn’t even have time to register what I was up to. It is also super great on the forehead and extremely accurate. I’ve also tried measuring my temp in my ear and it went just as easy.

Another reason I was excited to try out the eTherm was because of coronavirus. I got a cold recently, and with cases rising in my area, I found myself checking my temperature every day for signs of a fever. I live in Europe, and any time you do a retreat or go to an event you have to check the participants’ temperatures. 

My husband was at two events for his work this summer and immediately commented that such a thermometer would have come in handy. He also immediately changed the reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius, which I guess gives me the chance to learn something new — or I’ll just change it back.

The thermometer is incredibly easy to use, and the directions are super straight-forward. The packaging is wonderfully simple and even comes with a battery. I’m all-around impressed by the design and ease of use. It is intended for both adults and children and definitely worth the investment. 

The eTherm thermometer can be purchased on Amazon or at Elepho.com. Although I’m not looking forward to the middle-of-the-night temperature checks that are bound to occur this winter, I am happy I will be able to click a single button in the dark and have the reading a moment later. Here’s to making one thing in life a little easier, especially when you’re tired with a sick child.