Hex Yeah – the Evolve Eco Sling combines function and fashion

These days it seems like we have more and more items to tote with us throughout the day. Most days I get by simply with keys, my phone, and a wallet. However, when I need to bring anything more, my pants pockets simply won’t cut it. I want one bag or sling to handle my everyday needs – whether I just need an extra pocket for going to the gym or something that can store my stuff for a day hike or trip to the beach.

The first thing I notice when I pick up the Hex Evolve Eco Sling is its heavy-duty design and materials. I know immediately that this bag will hold up under a lot of stress and strain and appreciate the high-quality design. Everything about the Hex is durable. I prefer the Hex Eco’s thicker 1.5” adjustable fabric strap versus comparable bags’ thinner nylon straps. Other bags often tend to be uncomfortable or bite into my shoulder. Additionally, the main strap has a buckle which gives me the freedom to wear it as a traditional sling bag or secure it around my waist. The side compression straps give me a ton of flexibility to either carry a few more items or wear it in a more stylish compact profile. It features high caliber metal zippers with rubberized and woven cord zipper pulls.

These open smoothly without catching and keep me from wondering if the zipper will give out like my luggage after its very first inaugural flight (what is TSA doing to those bags anyway). The large center pocket gives me plenty of room for a book, journal, mini-tablet, sun glasses, wallet, keys, and more. The double zipper also makes retrieving items easy without having to rummage through the bag or accidently dump half of my stuff on the ground.

I also love the additional zipper interior pocket, as well as a back panel zippered pocket for valuables or items I want to keep separated. The full-length front zipper pocket is roomy enough for multiple cell phones if I happen to be the pack mule for the day. The quick access is great when I need to snap a picture on the trail, or check a message on the metro. The front pocket even features a secure velcroed nylon divider to protect my screen or separate items. Despite being rugged, it is refreshingly lightweight for its class of sling bags. I love that its exterior Cordura fabric is both water resistant and made from recycled materials. It keeps my phone and wallet dry on the trail, and my conscience clear.

The main strap buckle is convenient for having the option to wear on my waist.  However, the buckle location on the strap makes me question how secure it is in crowded spaces. The main strap runs horizontal to the bag and lacks any contouring ergonomics that normally give sling bags their comfortable over the shoulder fit. While it functions as a sling, it wears better around the waist for extended use. It doesn’t have any external straps or clips for additional gear, but I find the volume more than covers my needs and the smooth exterior material and design gives the Hex Eco Sling a cleaner and more stylish profile for everyday use.

Overall, the Hex Eco Sling is hard to beat for volume, function, fashion, and durability for everyday use. It is ideally suited and styled for urban use and the occasional hike or adventure. Now when someone asks me if I’ve found my go to quick grab bag, I tell ‘em Hex Yeah!