I wear these shorts almost everyday – now I am more productive than ever

I have a home improvement list a mile long. I work full time, and I want to be the best father I can be to my five children. Like everyone else I am trying to get it all done. Therefore, when I invest in a new product it needs to help me function more efficiently and conveniently. I never expected a pair of shorts would help with all of these demands. 

When I first set eyes on the Brunt Martin Short I immediately realize they are unlike other work shorts. Work shorts tend to be uncomfortable, bulky, and heavy. As I put on the Martin Short I am surprised by how comfortable they are. They combine a great fit, exceptional features, and even some surprising details to make them my new preferred go to shorts (even for everyday activities). One of the most important elements in a work short is durability, and Brunt delivers.

Even after several months of use they still look and feel new. The abrasion-resistant fabric doesn’t have any pulls or pilling, and they are remarkably still stain-free. Notably, the Martin includes reinforced belt loops and high-wear areas. I find that they have good movement and at times I even forgot I was wearing work shorts. 

The first thing that stands out to me about the Brunt Martin Short is the innovative pockets. There are a ton of pockets and options. The traditional two seat pockets are familiar and easily accessible, while the front pockets are both deep and spacious (think screwdrivers and wrenches – not hammers). Additionally, there are two side pockets; the left side has an inline low profile zipper to keep items secure, while the right pocket is wide and features a self-closing design. I find they keep all my gear secure and are easy to access one-handed.

What impresses me the most is that all of these pockets lay incredibly flat even when loaded with gear. Nothing is worse when you are working on a project feeling like you are bogged down or bulky. No one likes catching a pocket or belt loop on a nail or door when they are working on a project. They might even be too comfortable when loaded with gear as I often forgot I had placed a tool or my fishing forceps in the pocket until I was changing out of my pants at night.

I especially enjoy wearing the Martin work shorts when I am working on DYI or house projects. They are comfortable enough to make multiple trips to the hardware store, and the pockets fit just about any tool I need. I love how convenient the pockets are for holding and accessing anything from loose screws to the hardware or part I need in the midst of completing a project. 

Even though I am quick to grab these shorts when I have a work project, I find that my favorite time to wear them is when I go fishing – especially when I am fishing with my kids and spending most of my time rigging and re-rigging their lines. The pockets are perfect for having lots of fishing gear readily accessible, as well as convenient for quickly stashing excess fishing line to dispose of properly at a later time.

Overall, the fit and styling make for a great work short with a gusseted crotch for lots of mobility. However, one thing I would like is a bit more of a flexible sport short material and style that many dress pants have incorporated into their design. I know this isn’t a fair request from a work short and still expect durability, but just the same it’s a feature I’d like to experience.

Despite my styling preferences, the Brunt Martin Short delivers a few impressive surprises. First, the inner waistband features a soft moisture wicking fabric which keeps the pants from chafing or showing sweat. Additionally, I notice the attention to important details like reinforced double fabric at the corners of the front pockets for clipping in a knife, box cutter, or other utility gadget. Overall, my favorite and the most surprising feature is how flat the pockets lay even when loaded with a cell phone, tools, or other miscellaneous items. Even though they are a heavy duty work short, they wear more like a regular khaki short.

The Brunt Martin Short is the versatile shorts I didn’t realize I needed. This one pair of shorts helps me get all of my work projects done, play with my kids, and still stay stylish. If you are looking for a pair of shorts with a great fit and exceptional features, the Brunt Martin Short should be on your list.