From food to fertilizer with the Vitamix FC 50

The Vitamix FC 50 in use to make fertilizer out of food scraps inside of a kitchen.
Credit: Vitamix

The Hydrangeas I planted were struggling to grow in our sandy soil, and I needed all-natural fertilizer to protect our lake. How could one appliance serve both needs? I thought it was impossible too, but thanks to the new Vitamix Food Cycler, I found just the thing I needed. 

Could anyone really go wrong purchasing a Vitamix product? We have a couple of their products that we love, so I was excited to try their food composter. The Cycler is one cubic foot, so it doesn’t need a lot of space. The nice thing is that the bucket can sit on your counter and store the composter anywhere.

I collect scraps throughout the day and compost at night. Depending on the day, it could take us a couple of days to collect food scraps. Keep in mind we don’t compost any processed foods. We are a family of five, and we try not to waste much. Apple peels, potato peels, or any leftovers go in the bucket. The composter is quiet and efficient, just as advertised. It reduced my food waste to a small, usable amount. 

We live on a lake, and because we want to keep the lake healthy, we do not treat our yard with the fertilizer of any kind.  I planted tiny Hydrangea plants that need tender loving care. Our soil here is sandy, and I really want these plants to grow. I’ve planted several plants in this location, and they haven’t made it. So to say I am “babying” these plants would be an understatement.

The food cycler has allowed me to fertilize these plants without presenting harm to our lake. Using our food scraps has given me a way to put nutrients into our poor soil and give my Hydrangeas a boost that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to provide. They are growing, they have buds on them, and I’m so hopeful. Vitamix is helping me get the beautiful snowball blooms I so desperately want.

Composting usually takes months. And, it can be a little smelly. This composter takes care of both those issues. It’ll give you fertilizer within three to eight hours and with no smell. I will say this; if you need loads of fertilizer, this might not be the product for you.

I mean, for starters, you might simply not have enough food scraps to turn into fertilizer. And if you do have large amounts of scraps, you might spend quite a bit of time filling and then emptying the bucket. However,  I can see this product commonly found in urban households.

If you have an urban garden, container gardens, rooftop gardens, or a couple of raised garden beds as a hobby, this product needs to be in your home. In urban settings, no one has a large compost pile, and no one wants to be turning compost piles on the regular.

This machine composts for you in a very short amount of time. What could be better news for gardeners? After the upfront cost of the Food Cycler, you are essentially feeding your plants for free, putting nutrients back into the soil, and living sustainably. In 2021, isn’t everyone on a quest to do their part for sustainable living? Vitamix helps you succeed in is this venture. Purchase one (or two) of these, and no-waste-living just got easier. 

Thanks to Vitamix, we are on our way to living sustainably, reducing our waste, and adding nutrients to our soil.