The Groove Belt just may be the last belt you ever buy

The Groove belt on top of some brown pants with a passport in the pocket.
Credit: Groove Life

My favorite belt is a tad too long. The next size down was too tight, and I liked the belt so I bought it anyway. When I thread it through my jeans, there is always a bit too much left over and I end up having to take the time to re-thread the loose end back through. Sometimes I just move the belt over and let it hang down a bit. It doesn’t look too awful, but it is annoying. I’ve tried a variety of leather belts that stretch and fade over time – my black leather belt gets worn once a year on Easter Sunday. A decent everyday belt that looks and feels good is a nuisance to find, and honestly, I’m not the type of guy who will spend much time looking. So I tend to settle for these types of accessories. 

The Groove Belt from Groove Life is a magnetic belt that claims to be the best belt in the world, featuring a new way to buckle up and keep you in the style game. During my opportunity to try the Groove Belt, three features stood out to me that make this belt a must-have. 

The Click

One of the coolest features (if not the best feature) of the Groove Belt is the sound it makes when you secure its buckle. The belt buckle uses “rare-earth neodymium magnets” to bring its clasps together with the most satisfying “click” sound you may ever hear – at least when buckling a belt. 

The tension is spot on, and I find it convenient to re-buckle up after using the restroom etc. It saves a few seconds of readjusting the belt because the extra flap isn’t there and it fits every time. The magnets aren’t actually what hold the belt together. Rather, there are still “teeth” that clasp together for the tension. That being said, the magnets offer a nice quick guide and bring the clasp together rapidly. 

The Comfort

The belt is simple to adjust and makes for a hassle-free accessory that is fun to use. It is clearly a tough-as-nails belt that creates a casual look but also has the strength to be a heavy-duty work, utility style belt. I’ve seen some customers who are even using it as a conceal and carry style belt. 

The Groove Belt feels just right, and the buckle isn’t so large that it’s distracting. I have had to adjust it on occasion to be a bit wider when I’m sitting down so my ever-growing stomach doesn’t push into the belt. Other than that, its comfort is everything I could hope for. Groove Life offers a wide range of options in color scheme and style as well. 

The Warranty

Another important feature of the belt is the warranty Groove Life offers. Why is the warranty important? Well, if I’m going to spend fifty bucks on a belt, there is peace of mind knowing a company is willing to help out for a few years if the product doesn’t last. Groove Life ups the game here and offers a lifetime warranty on the belt. I did not reach out to them for comment on this, but according to the website, they will even replace a lost belt! To quote the site directly, “CUT IT, STRETCH IT, LOSE IT. NO PROBLEM. WE REPLACE IT.” For fifty bucks, I can live with it. After all, the belt is already pretty awesome. 

The Final Verdict

Groove Life has a lot of people wishing this belt would have come out sooner. They stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty, and I would argue the click and comfort make it a must-have accessory. Is it the best belt in the world? I think it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your belt. Is it the best belt I’ve ever tried on? In a word – yes. 

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