This is how I made my desk ULTRA productive

Productivity is huge for me. I consider myself a very productive person. Even just today I was in a conversation with someone and it was mentioned to how if something is not efficient or productive I have a hard time doing it. With that being said, I am constantly on the lookout for the next item to help boost my productivity in any way. This can be ways of doing things, gear, you name it. Anything is worth investigating to get better. So, without further ado, here’s my most recent additions to my desk, and how they helped me become even more productive.

Satechi Chargers

I had to try out both of the most recent Satechi chargers. I just could not decide by looking at them online. As this is for my desk, I couldn’t choose between having the 3-in-1 or the 2-in-1. Would that watch charger be worth it? after getting both, this is my break down — I use the Satechi 3-in-1 Wireless charger at my home office on my main desk. I also split my time in an office not in my home, so I put the Satechi 2-in-1 Wireless charger there. This breakdown has been phenomenal for me. When I am out of the house, I have my Apple Watch charged up and ready to go. I wouldn’t dare take it off to charge it — I wouldn’t risk blinding people with my intense watch tanline. This combo has been perfect for me, even though I thought I’d be returning one.

OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini

I feel like I am constantly trying out different and new storage devices. OWC has become a personal favorite of mine — especially this line of drives. I have yet to have a problem with any of them crashing, no issues with corrupted files, or slow transfers. These drives work, work well, work fast, and are reliable. Plain and simple, that is what you want from a drive. I still carry my OWC Envoy Pro FX around in my daily carry backpack. However, I wanted something that would live at my desk, plugged in at all times to expand my storage and serve as a backup drive. With my prior great experience with OWC, I started my search. When I found OWC’s new Mercury Elite Pro Mini, I knew I found what I needed. I quickly grabbed a couple terabytes of backup storage. This drive now lives on my desk, under my monitor riser from Oakywood, and is the perfect backup, large file and important file drive.

HyperDrive Media USB-C Hub

I run an iPad Pro as my main and nearly only computing device since the USB-C iPad Pro came out in 2018. In fact, I’ve written nearly all of my reviews on my iPad Pro. Additionally, I am on my iPad all day every day — usually listening to music, watching YouTube reviews, or listening to podcasts. When I made the switch to the Magic Keyboard for my office work — while keeping my Logitech Combo Touch for travel / coffee shops — I sadly lost my function keys. While I could always swipe down and go to control center, or pull Spotify over from slide over, a quick play/pause or next/previous is incredibly helpful. With that, while I usually use my Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro’s — my current favorite headphones — sometimes I want to plug into an aux cord, use some wired headphones, or plug into a wired speaker. That is where this adapter has come in handy. First and foremost, this hub adds physical play/pause and next/previous buttons. It also adds a headphone jack, SD and MicroSD card readers, a USB-A 5Gbps port, a USB-C 60W power pass through, and an HDMI out. This hub has become a standard for my workflow. It attaches to my USB-C port with ease and adds that extra bit of productivity to my day.

Dell 27” 4K Monitor

Adding any screen to a workstation is usually a productivity boost. At one time in my life I had 5 monitors ranging from 24”, 34” ultrawide, 9” mini screen and a 60” tv in addition to my MacBook screen all running at once. Now however, as I am working off of my iPad Pro, I cannot do multi monitor — I can only even kind of do multi monitor. So, I have resorted to using one monitor to give me a larger screen than my 11” iPad Pro, and also make it so when I use ShiftScreen 4X I can utilize much more space.

This monitor is beautiful all around. The 4K monitor is crisp and clean, and I have really appreciated the ComfortView Plus (low blue light screen) for my late night work or early morning writing. There is also of course a super functional stand, where I can pivot and rotate the monitor around however I want, all while hiding the cables in the arm of the stand. I also love the multiple inputs and hub like qualities of this monitor. I can plug in my other computers that I need to access and use without needing an adapter or splitter. This includes an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, a USB-C port, a USB 2.3 port, and a RJ45 port.

This monitor has been the hub — all puns intended — to my productivity and I am thrilled with my choice.

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