If you’re going to purchase a higher quality item, do so with something you use often

blue bed and mattress with pillows and the Brooklinen Luxe Core sheet set.

I don’t think I realized how much of a difference high-quality sheets make until I tried the Luxe Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen. If you want to upgrade your bedding as summer begins, this is the perfect way to do so. 

These sheets are 100% cotton and you can tell right away. They are extremely soft, very breathable, and have a crisp “clean” feel to them. There’s a bunch of really cute colors to choose from — including Graphite and Steel, Terracotta Oxford Stripe, and even a fun pattern called “Window Pane.” 

If the sheets you use are anywhere around a 200 thread count, they’re considered high quality. However, this set by Brooklinen has a 480 thread count, which is what makes them incredibly soft. Another plus is you can purchase these sheets in any mattress size, including full, king, and California king (the more difficult sizes to find). 

One creative touch is the sides of the sheets are labeled, so right away you know which way they go for the long and short ends of the bed. (I can’t stress how many times I’ve tried putting sheets on my bed the wrong way, of course, this feature is genius.) 

The first night I used my Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set was with the Columbia Cooling Soft Comfort bed set. I just moved and had an entirely new bed set-up. (I will say, before my new bed I spent many nights sleeping on an air mattress, so these sheets really did feel like a luxury.) I actually slept in for the first time in weeks the night I first used these sheets, and I have enjoyed them since. 

Prices start at $135 for the Twin size and range to $195 for a California King. When you purchase these sheets, you’re not only paying for a higher quality thread count, but also for material that’s OEKO-TEX Certified — in other words, an independent laboratory tested them and found them free of over 350 harmful substances. That’s about as close to natural cotton as you can get. 

I definitely recommend these sheets to anyone looking to upgrade their bedding or invest in sheets that will last a long time. They’re easy to wash, easy to put on your bed (again, those side labels are the bomb), and extremely comfortable. For how much you’ll end up using these sheets, they are worth the investment.