Pet P.L.A.Y. Go-Go Astro Ball review: Long-lasting entertainment for dogs

Pet P.L.A.Y. has created one of the most advanced dog toys for your pet this summer!

In an effort to incorporate fun and long-lasting durability, the Go-Go Astro Ball is made from tough rubber with certified non-toxic material. This toy will enhance playtime with your dog, outside or indoors. The Go-Go Astro Ball floats on water and can be used anywhere — making this squeaky, bouncy ball entertaining for your dog all summer long.

As a dog mom, it has always been hard for us to find a chew toy that will withstand the sharp bite of my 10-pound Yorkiepoo. In most cases, a dog toy hasn’t lasted two hours in our house without being torn up or ruined.

Five weeks later and our Go Go Astro Ball is still intact without a single rip or bite mark on it. I have been in awe over the Pet P.L.A.Y. products. This dog toy is intentionally engineered to captivate and stimulate your dog’s mind. Built as a tough chew toy, the Go-Go Astro Ball can help relieve anxiety for your dog by stabilizing their playtime and keeping their attention centered on all the fun. 

This dog toy will make summer fun for both of you! I can easily see packing away the Go Go Astro Ball in a beach bag to have for your pet to use in the water or on land.

We found this to be the perfect dog toy for a game of fetch out in our backyard. As the inner layer of the Go-Go Astro Ball is built with a tennis ball inside, this made the ball bounce a great distance. It was extremely entertaining for our dog to try and leap up and tackle the bouncing ball before it lands. We can spend 15-30 minutes outside with just our Go Go Astro Ball for quality playtime with our dog, and he loves it. 

For those who wonder about the health aspects, the toy is made from certified non-toxic materials and AZO-free dyes. At 3.1-inches in diameter, it is ideal for pets of any size. According to the company: “All of our toys meet the same strict quality standards for manufacturing infant and children products.”

The ball comes in three different two-tone colors. At about $11, it is also nicely affordable.

If you’re tired of getting your dog toys ripped to shreds and are in the market for a long-lasting, durable chew toy that will enhance your dog’s playtime – then give Go Go Astro Ball a try this summer from the brand, Pet P.L.A.Y.