My Hex Ranger Camera Mini Sling makes taking pictures on the go quick and simple

The Hex Ranger Camera Sling in the camouflage color as it is infuse in an abandoned gym.
Credit: Hex

As an artist, I have always appreciated a beautiful picture, and photography is so fun to play around with. I enjoy bringing my camera to the stable where I board my horse. When I’m there, I explore the pastures with my horse close beside me and I take pictures of nature. I also try to catch a few photos of my horse before she catches up to me but most of those pictures end up just being a close-up view of her nose (she’s pretty clingy, like a dog). 

Since I’m always on the go with my camera, I have found it challenging to find an easy way to keep all of my most needed items safe. These photography sessions, like most photography sessions, can be quite the hike, and I need a way to transport everything I need. 

When I discovered the Hex Ranger Camera Mini Sling, I was impressed with how portable it made my camera. Although I previously had a camera bag, it just wasn’t as easy to carry as this sling. 

When I got my Hex sling, I had to figure out how to use the sling and the handle took me a minute to figure out how it was supposed to be placed.  As soon as I got my bearings with those things, it became very straightforward and easy. In my defense, slings are kind of confusing when you’re trying to figure out which shoulder goes where and how to shape it specifically to your body.

It also took me a bit to explore each feature and how it all was meant to work together. The bag comes with a velcro-attached fleece partition and also what I eventually realized was a velcro-attached fleece bottom to give the bag more structure and protection where the camera is stored. I appreciated this feature quite a bit because it ensured easy storage of the sling when it was not in use (because I could velcro the bottom fleece to the side and fold it flat) as well as giving my camera a good amount of extra protection when I did use the sling.

There are so many secret pockets in this sling. I kept discovering more and more spots as I explored it. And then I struck gold. I found the back pocket. This back pocket is just a simple velcro pocket, but it is valuable because it contains a waterproof cover that can easily be unfolded and wrapped around the sling in case your photography trip becomes a storm-chasing experience.

This sling is built for potential hardships that you might encounter on a photography adventure. The zippers are genuine YKK zippers which translates into a reliable zipper that won’t get stuck or caught up (have you ever gotten mud in your coat zipper? It makes it hard to unzip and can cause damage).

The main downside I found with this sling is that, despite having countless pockets, it cannot store as much as I was hoping. I could only store thinner, flatter essentials in the pockets because otherwise, items would impede on other pockets’ space. So this bag works for wires, SD card storage, a phone, and maybe some snacks, but it won’t be the place to keep more than one or two small lenses and the camera. It just can’t store too many bulky materials.

Despite the storage issues, the camera bag does have another great feature. It has straps on the bottom and sides of the sling so that you could choose to expand or contract the width of the bag for additional secure storage. It doesn’t add too much, but I found it very useful for the security of my DSLR camera.

Altogether, this sling is useful in providing an easily accessible way to carry your camera safely through all your photography adventures leaving your hands free to climb, carry something else, or navigate rough terrain. For anyone looking for a versatile way to transport your DSLR camera and other necessities, this is a great tool for a quick trip!