Molecule Hybrid Mattress review: How staying cool just got easier and less expensive

Anyone who has studied the field of sleep knows there is one quick fix that can help. When a mattress cools you down, you will usually sleep better.

This is not only backed by my science but by my own personal experience. It has something to do with your body temperature when you sleep, and how it is better to have a mattress cool you down and then stay warm with top covers instead. Unfortunately, many of the best mattresses that offer cooling tech tend to cost as much as my Toyota Corolla (or even more).

Enter the Molecule Hybrid mattress.

I was blown away by not just the tech that keeps you cool but honestly by the price (around $1,900 for the queen set). Mattresses that provide cooling tech tend to cost north of $5,000 or more, up to $10,000 for the premium brands. So while $1,900 might seem like a lot, it’s considerably less than what I’ve typically seen on the market lately.

Unpacking the bed-in-a-box is really easy. Once you cut through the plastic, you just watch as it expands and put it onto the frame. I waited 24 hours before testing out the bed, but I can say that the mattress does feel cool. I had to experiment with top covers, since using too many mattress pads and sheets meant the cooling tech wasn’t as effective.

The mattress uses something called AirTEC (for the foam) and MOLECULEedge (for the coils). The basic idea is that the conduction is designed to encourage more airflow, which is why you feel cool. (The company claims the airflow is five times greater than a normal mattress).

The coils also help. The idea there is that there are pressure points when you sleep, and a poor mattress won’t adjust as you move around. Imagine sleeping with a coil pointing right at your backbone and you get the idea. There’s a reason mattresses at budget stores cost less. 

I found that the Molecule Hybrid stayed firm and soft (which is remarkable) because it feels comfortable and yet supports you as you sleep at the same time. I asked two of my adult kids to sleep on the bed a few nights as well, and they had the same report. Mattresses can be very subjective, but I liked how there was a mix of cooling tech, firm support, and yet a soft feel.

I’m not one to get excited about mattresses, but I like the price and the quality of this product. So did everyone else who tried it. The price is reasonable for the quality, and it’s great to have a bed-in-a-box arrive at your front door for testing. As usual, I’m curious about longevity, which is the real question mark when it comes to any mattress.

A slight issue was related to the top sheets. The mattress is big, comfortable, and well-designed but the sheets we used were a tad small, so they popped off a couple of times at the corners. 

Not a big deal, we used a different sheet set to solve the issue.

Overall, this is one of my favorite mattresses, mostly due to the quality and price. I recommend it for anyone looking to get a little better sleep.