The Soundcore VR P10 Earbuds made for Meta Quest 2

Gaming will continue to push technology and sound quality because you demand it.  This review will take a look at the VR P10 true wireless earbuds by Soundcore made for Meta Quest 2 and if they stand up to the task. 

What you get

Out of the box, these earbuds look great.  The packaging is cool but you aren’t going to keep it anyway.  The charging case is sleek, the good news is that it magnetically stores the included USB-C dongle, the bad news is that it’s a bit bigger than most earbud cases… not the end of the world.  It comes with the usual cable and S/M/L ear tips.  You will also get the free Soundcore App.  For me, this is a necessity.  It allows you to control your sound settings with customizable EQ, customize your tap and hold controls and toggle options on and off. 

What you want to know

These earbuds are made to be used with the Meta Quest 2 and come with what you need to connect.  Although these won’t get you the same sound experience as an over-the-ear head set, I think the point is to give you a similar experience with a much lighter and less evasive product. The provided USB-C dongle gives you a low-latency connection to help keep audio cues and video sync’d up. In first person shooter games (FPS), this will give you the chance to detect the person creeping up behind you before it’s too late.    

Sound quality

The sound is about what you would expect from an earbud like this whether gaming or listening to music.  I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to sound quality and the ability to control my EQ and the VR P10s do a good job in that department.  The app is straight forward.  It’s simple, allows multiple devices in its connection list and lets you dial in your EQ to your exact liking.  I typically like to boost my highs and lows and leave the mids fairly low.  They performed a bit above my expectation in the low end.  They almost gave me the feeling of being in a room with subs kicking, which is important to my music listening experience.  I would like to get more volume out of them overall, but solid sound clarity and quality overall.  These do not have active noise cancellation, but I wanted to test how well they would isolate so I listened to a podcast while running my air compressor about 15 feet away.  They did a surprisingly good job pushing out the background noise so I could hear clear voices.  Again, above my expectation in that area.


This category is pretty simple.  If you have typical sized ears then you won’t have a much of a problem.  There are S/M/L ear tips included.  For the rest of us, in between sizes or an extra small would be nice to get more of an exact fit.  They did still feel pretty secure even in pretty active use and are plenty comfortable even if you are gaming all night or working out.  For an in-ear fit that won’t be exiting your ears, check out my review on the Technics AZ60s. 


These will give you typical tap and hold controls.  You can use the default settings or customize however you want.  Pretty much your typical things to control, play / pause, volume, skip, voice assistant and microphone.  An option for the VR experience is the “Game and Talk” option to make calls while gaming and “Super Hearing” option that will enhance sounds like gunfire and footsteps. 


As much as these are made for Meta Quest 2, they are compatible with Nintendo switch, PlayStation 5, Valve Steam Deck and Windows PCs.  Bluetooth and the dongle can be paired at the same time so you can answer calls while gaming.  They connect easily and quickly. The connectivity of the dongle will give you a better experience in games as well as video editing where the alignment of audio and video is important.

Phone use

The phone use is also pretty typical.  The microphone is a bit weaker in quality than some.  Still fully functional but I would like some more background separation in comparison to similar earbuds.


You can pick these up for $69.  For the sound quality and ability to connect to the Meta Quest 2 and other platforms, these are a great value.  Buy them here. 

Other notes

Pass-through charging will give you unlimited playtime so the only reason you have to take a break is to grab some grub.  If it matters, you can customize the LED color but with a limited amount of colors.  The IPX4 rating will resist a little bit of water and sweat but with this rating you won’t want to be dropping them in the water. 

Overall impression

Sound is much better than the price reflects, especially the low end.  This is a great value for straight up earbuds, then considering the use for VR and included dongle you are getting a solid pair of earbuds.  You will be hard pressed to find a better product in this price range.

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