Edifier’s latest headphones and earbuds are light on the head and the wallet

Over the past several years Edifier gained momentum on my tech radar. My favorite experience with Edifier was the opportunity to review some bookshelf speakers a few years back. Those speakers still sit right next to my desk and enjoy frequent use. They are high quality, and they crank out great sound. This made me wonder – can Edifier make great sounding headphones as well? Recently, I got my hands on Edifier’s WH500 on-ear headphones and W240TN true wireless earbuds. Each set has its own pros and cons. 

Edifier WH500 on-ear headphones

On-ear headphones aren’t a product I naturally gravitate to. For great noise-canceling, I like the seal of full ear coverage. The trade off is often comfort. On-ear headphones tend to be lighter and less “squeezy” on the head. This gives them a distinct advantage for those who want decent sound without putting their head in a mild vice.

The Edifier WH500’s are surprisingly comfortable and light. They sit gently on my ear and offer great Active Noise Cancellation. 30mm composite dynamic drivers push this sound into my eardrums. I notice the low end is accentuated and I actually have to jump into the Edifier Connect app available on iOS or Android to level things out to my liking. 

Battery life is decent with Edifier claiming 40 hours of battery on a two-hour charge. This feels accurate. In my testing the battery lasts roughly 38 to 39 hours. The charge did take roughly two hours for a full battery. If I could improve anything it would certainly be the charge time. I used these for just over a week before needing to charge them. This is nearly unheard of but becoming more of a reality with swappable batteries on the rise (no swappable battery on these).

These on-ear headphones hard to pass on as they only cost a mere $44.99.  In fact, I’m a bit shocked that the price is so low. They make for a great gift and are nice for quick commutes, a home office, or even light listening on the fly. On a five-hour trip to Iowa, my 7-year-old was able to use these for audiobooks and a few games. They solved a lot of car woes and fit his head with some adjustment. I love the fact they support Bluetooth 5.2. I can pair these to my phone, laptop, or supported gaming device and switch between them flawlessly. Once a call ends on my phone, my movie will continue on my laptop with sound, and I don’t have to move a muscle. Great value here!

Edifier W240TN true wireless earbuds

The world is literally swimming with true wireless earbud options at this point. I have found two sets I really like. Unfortunately, this set is not one of them. Even when changing the earpiece sizes, I had a tough time finding the “right” fit for my ears. Don’t let that scare you off though. I have a tough time with the fit of most true wireless earbuds I try on. Despite the fit, W240TN’s sound fantastic. 

The majority of my test was spent on a treadmill where I pumped hard rock into my head with these “bean” shaped buds. The active noise cancellation helps drown out the drone of the track spinning on the treadmill. I’ve no concern for the sweat that pours from my head impacting the device as they are IP55 certified. Where these buds shine is their healthy bass sound and the mix I get while listening. I found a clean balanced sound regardless of what genre I dropped into my playlist. 

Battery life is equally satisfying – that is until I realize the case seems to continuously need to be plugged in. Just like Amazon’s 2nd gen buds, when I leave these sitting too long unplugged, the battery in the case seems to die along with the buds. I almost have to constantly have the case plugged in in order to keep the earbuds charged long-term. For those that may use their buds all the time this may not be an issue. 

I have so many pairs nowadays, I just don’t use them enough and prefer a set that turns off when not in use – saving battery. For example, Dottir makes an awesome set of buds that turn off and the case stays charged when not in use as well. Otherwise, on a full charge, the Edifier case lasts about 14 hours (less if the buds need charging) and the buds last about 7 (with ANC on). 

The price for these Edifier’s is a great deal. For only $79.99 you can get a really good sounding pair of buds. Odds are, if other buds fit your ears well, you won’t have any issues like me. I think my ears are just oddly shaped. I’m not afraid to admit it and have mentioned this in other reviews as well. 

Both sets of Edifier’s latest come with a lot of pros and a few cons. I recommend either of these products as a gift for someone with simple taste and just looking for decent quality without breaking the bank. Adults that are looking for something that works and don’t care about “Apple” branding will delight in them for sure. Edifier delivers what I expect considering the cost. If I had to pick between the two, I’d stick with the on ear set for both quality and comfort. Happy listening!

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