New Cloud 5 Coast and Cloudsurfer review: Supreme cushioning and performance

On continues to upend the shoe market with their compelling design, technological upgrades, innovative style, and superior craftsmanship. The new Cloud 5 Coast and Cloudsurfer are the next wave of offerings from On. Their innovations are sure to capture the attention and enthusiasm of runners and fashionable alike.

Cloudsurfer First Impression:

I am fortunate enough to review some extremely comfortable shoes and sandals. However, when it comes to cushioning, the Cloudsufer is in another tier altogether. The first time I step into them I feel the plush cushioning catch and support my foot and heel. The spongy foot bed is so comfortable that I feel as if I am stepping on a cloud.

I find the cushioning so compelling that I immediately have my wife try them – even though her foot is about three sizes smaller than mine. Within moments she is also convinced – and now I might be on the hook to get her a pair… Thank goodness Mother’s Day is coming up!

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Running feels like the cushioning almost produces a slight bounce, or spring that drives me forward. They have a smooth natural rolling motion – propelling me forward. This engineered forward rolling design provides an energizing return I can feel. I feel that wearing the Cloudsurfer allows me to run faster and longer than other shoes. I get maximum propulsion along with all the responsiveness I could desire.

Additionally, I really appreciate the subtle arch support and multiple lace up options. I can easily adjust my laces for personalized comfort or workout need. I love the strong and padded heel structure that keeps my foot secure and my heel from slipping. Overall, they feel stable and supportive. I can wear the Cloudsurfer comfortably all day long.


The Cloudsurfer has a 10mm heal drop providing a neutral running style. They weigh just 245 grams, balancing cushioning with responsiveness. On accomplished this with CloudTec Phase technology using Finite Element Analysis to optimize a midsole for seamless weight transfer from heel to toe. This computer-generated shoe design creates supremely enhanced cushioning to reduce impact and provide extra comfort. Softer landings create a smoother more enjoyable running motion. Simply put, the Cloudsurfer is the training shoe with computer-optimized technology for next-level cushioning.

Cloud 5 Coast First Impression:

The Cloud 5 Coast are On’s lightest shoe in their collection. However, slipping them on for the first time I notice they are surprisingly comfortable and cushy. The uppers are lightweight and breathable and they have a flat insole. (Read not a running shoe). They are clearly designed for warm weather and travel (a minimalist packer’s dream).

Photo Credit: On


Despite the flat insole, they still provide a lot of support and comfort. Wearing them I experience all of the same premium cushioning and performance I expect from On shoes. I love the original Cloud speed-lacing system that lets me simply slip-in and slip-out. No need to stop and tie these shoes. They provide just the right amount of tension to keep my foot secure, while also wearing comfortably all day. Not to mention they give the shoe a stylish casual appeal.

Even with the flexible lacing system the Cloud 5 Coast doesn’t forfeit function. The no-slip heel allows me to roam and adventure without compromising performance. A bonus feature is the kick-down heel so I can step into them and wear them backless. I find this perfect for when I am at the pool or heading outside for a quick trip. Additionally, the foot bed is antimicrobial so I can even wear them sockless. This versatility is perfect for traveling and summer wear.


The Cloud 5 Coast are feather-light at just 203 grams, and designed for warm conditions. The 7mm heel drop provides a low-profile shoe for easy wear. It is also versatile with a reinforced no-slip heel that can also kick-down for backless wearing. With a flat insole and antimicrobial foot bed you can even wear the Cloud 5 Coast barefoot. However, the signature CloudTec and explosive SpeedBoard still provide all day performance. The fully collapsible upper and no-slip, kick-down heel make the Cloud 5 Coast the ultimate packable summer travel shoe.


The Cloudsurfer is a runner’s dream with supreme cushioning and outstanding performance. The plush smooth ride will have you running farther faster. While the Cloud 5 Coast combines all the features and versatility you want for a packable summer travel shoe. The new Cloud 5 Coast and Cloudsurfer truly comprise the best of On shoes. They both exhibit the compelling design, technological upgrades, innovative style, and superior craftsmanship one desires in a performance shoe. Whether you are looking for running shoes or relaxing shoes, with the Cloudsurfer and Cloud 5 Coast you’ll get premium cushioning and performance.

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