OWC just simplified copying to external storage from a mobile device

lots of devices stacked atop each other to demonstrate how easy it is to  use the OWC Copy That app to streamline saving content to external storage devices.
Credit: Unsplash

OWC has recently released a tool that is too helpful not to add to your workflow.

Copy That is an app that has streamlined the sometimes (frequently) tedious process of saving content to an external storage device from an iPhone or an iPad.

Now, regardless of your tech background, you, you, and even you can take advantage of extra storage.

Personally, I go through a lot of storage. I have a plethora of external hard drives, media servers, and network storage. However, I realize there are some people that hardly know what external storage is, much less utilize it to perform daily tasks.

Perhaps you are a photographer or someone who simply has a lot of family photos. Maybe you want to free up space on your iPhone from all of those videos you have been sending of your kids (or cats) to family and friends. Maybe you run a business, or are working from home, and want to transfer data seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

For those with a little more tech background or need, you can copy to external storage, network shares, and more. You can also set the original file to delete once you complete a copy.

The Copy That app truly is the best of both worlds. OWC has bridged the gap between what can be a complicated process, and a common need, allowing for anyone to have the ability to copy with ease.

No matter your level of tech comfort, or the data you transfer, the steps are quite elementary. Download the OWC CopyThat app, connect your phone to external storage (network or cable), open the CopyThat app, select what you want to copy and how, and click copy.

A few steps that are so easy that if you can’t figure it out, send me an email because I’d like to help you out myself.