The Yummly Smart Thermometer is a surprisingly great addition to my kitchen

With more time (and more meals) at home these days than we would perhaps like, trying out the Yummly Smart Thermometer could be just the thing to add more confidence to your cooking.

The Yummly Smart Thermometer  on display alone with the app on a phone.
Credit: Yummly

With more time (and more meals) at home these days than we would perhaps like, trying out the Yummly Smart Thermometer could be just the thing to add more confidence to your cooking

The Yummly Smart Thermometer is the first smart device I’ve used in my kitchen. I wasn’t sure at first if it was worth it: it costs $129.99 and I’m not a grill master with weekly steak masterpieces. 

However, I am an easily distracted person who overcooks my meat more often than not, and for some reason, I don’t like timers. My mother-in-law thinks I’m weird, because, as mentioned, it means I’m always overcooking my food. After too many times forgetting to set a timer, I have given up and now I just glance at the clock and keep an eye on the food in the oven..

I do cook often though and am always looking for ways to improve how I make food, so trying out this smart thermometer seemed like a nice addition to my kitchen arsenal.  

One of my favorite meats to cook is salmon, baked in the oven with a little bit of dill and a dollop of Sour Cream. I oven-baked salmon using my new Smart Thermometer and it turned out incredibly delicious. The meat was perfectly done: moist, soft, and tasty. I was hooked, I started thinking of all the things I could turn into excellent pieces of food, without checking on them, without an annoying timer, with perfection.

The Smart Thermometer itself is simple and clean-looking. It is a single thermometer a bit longer than my finger, set inside a sleek black (or white) case. The case also functions as the thermometer’s charging dock; it comes with rechargeable batteries and a little tool that clicks in on the back for removing the thermometer while it’s hot. And that’s it! I can easily store it away in a drawer when I’m not using it, and I love that there aren’t any extras or annoying cables. 

The only negative experience I had with it is that I find the thermometer is a little too long: I wasn’t able to use it for my baked chicken the other day because I had cut the pieces too small (it’s possible the thermometer has to be that size to work correctly).

The device can help with cooking most types of meat: chicken, steak, fish, turkey (I’m looking at you, Thanksgiving dinner!), and more. It connects to my phone using Bluetooth, and walks me through what I am cooking, how (whole, thigh, etc.), and, depending on the type of meat, how well-done I want it to be. 

The app can then stay open on my phone, or send me an alert when the food needs to be removed from the cooking source (it also works for an outdoor grill). I like to leave the app open on my phone, as it tells me the internal temperature, the temperature goal, and the temperature of the heat around it. It also has a nice graph that moves along the nearer the food comes to finishing and a predicted time for when the meat will be done.

I was a little taken aback by how much I enjoyed using this device and how effortlessly it cooked my meat. If you are a cook that enjoys meat and likes it cooked well, or if you even finally just want the Thanksgiving turkey to taste the way you’ve always dreamed, this device will really add some fun, confidence and satisfaction to your kitchen.