The Complete Field Journal from Lochby

As a part of our Father’s Day gift ideas article, we highlighted the Lochby Field Journal. Here we will take a closer look at the journal and highlight some elements that help it stand apart. This is the kind of journal that truly appeals to me… it protects and looks great. I am rough on things… not intentionally for I like to believe I care for things. With that said, I am accident prone, both to myself and the things I carry. I inevitably spill, stain or crunch on a regular basis. The journal has a nice sturdy design, made for people just like me.

Outside Observations

Lochby offers three colors; brown, navy and black. I prefer the brown as a classic rugged look, though the other options are attractive as well. The cover is a waxed canvas adding water resistance to the many benefits of this journal. The hand strap on the spine is present for added security while on the move.

The hooked closing clasp provides enough lip to stay closed while avoiding frustrating characteristics of a good latch you just can’t open. The hook includes a “draw-string” design to adjust for thickness. The hook doesn’t slip and loosen like some products I own. The strap has enough contour to prevent slipping against the smooth buckle surface. 

The back side has an external pocket with a velcro closure that covers about 30% of the opening. I like that the velcro doesn’t extend fully left to right as it allows for a longer item to stick out while staying pressed into the pocket. Lochby might consider adding a water resistant zipper to the journal or providing a “deluxe” edition with a zippered closure and external pocket.

What’s on the inside?

Aside from being available in three colors and an external pocket and loop, Lochby Field Journal offers plenty of pockets for your items, the inserts vary. Their booklets are made of fountain pen friendly, acid free Tomoe River 68 gsm paper, have stitched bindings and are available in 5 varieties. You can order Dot Grid, Rules, Planner, Wide Ruled or Plain refill booklets. The Planner refill is their newest edition and the website states it covers 6 months in monthly and weekly formats. 

The journal has 4 elastic strings allowing for a number of booklets at any one time. Since the string is a single piece, the 4th run is tied and seems to bow that booklet in the middle. I find that minimal and not an issue. There are also two reading ribbons to help you save your recent journal page. 

The two larger interior pockets accommodate additional notebooks increasing the notebook capacity to 6 or beyond. I like to turn my phone ringer off when I am on a walk or writing. I also like to keep my pants pockets free. The back inside pocket allows me to cart my phone around without worrying about it falling out. With the glass pointed towards the booklets, I get ample protection even when I drop the journal (which I did). The two larger interior pockets accommodate additional notebooks increasing the notebook capacity to 6 or beyond.

There is a stretch loop for a pen. It holds pens of almost any size.  Though I don’t love that it sticks out from the journal, it holds the pen tightly and is also secured with the closure strap. I like nice pens and based on my comments about eventually breaking things, I feel the odds of breaking or losing the pen increases when outside the relative protection of the case. 

There is a small tight loop inside the cover which is likely meant for storing the clasp when open. While it works great for that, I like that space for a stylus, tool clipped pocket knife. A small tablet fits into either of the larger interior pockets if you want to take your e-book along.

Final Thoughts

A carry handle on the spine completes the perfect field journal. The Lochby Field Journal is ideal for anyone out and about with their thoughts; whether planning, sketching or writing, this journal is for you.

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