The Hex Ranger DSLR Sling V2 is practical with style

When it comes to any sort of gear with camera bags you want functionality over style. Every now and then a brand will say…”well why not both?” The Hex Ranger Glacier Camo DSLR Sling V2 is a statement piece that will get the job done. It is a sling that holds all the DSLR essentials needed for creators and photographers on the go; practicality with style.


I know Hex has been making some great slings so I was excited to use this one. My first thought was “nice.” I’m someone who appreciates design and I believe HEX did a great job with the look. The Ranger Glacier Camo looks like it took inspiration from urban street fashion. A pattern that is subtle yet wants to be noticed. The badging on the front in red text is a cool-looking contrast that sticks out in all the right ways. The fabric feels solid and durable. It is a light bag that is a perfect size for light travel.


Dimensions: 14.5″L x 7.5″W x 4.75″D

Weight: 1.3lbs

Capacity: 8L


I said the fabric feels solid and durable and is even waterproof, which is a huge advantage. No one wants their thousand-dollar camera getting wet in the rain. The HEX DSLR Sling V2 has a couple of nifty pockets. One of those pockets is a hidden velcro stash pocket. Perfect to hold your cash while traveling.

The second one is the small tablet storage pocket. It fits an iPad Mini perfectly. However, as much as I like this pocket, I really and I heavily emphasize the really, wish it could fit my iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is a smidge too big to fit in the back pocket. I love the size of the sling overall but, I think another 2 inches in width would have been perfect.

There is a front pocket for your phone and sunglasses. There are two adjustable bottom straps to carry a small tripod for your shoots. At the top of the main compartment, there is a mesh net closed-off storage pocket for your cords, memory cards, and smaller batteries.

The main pocket for the Hex sling has decent padding and is fleece lined. There are configurable removable portions like most camera bags have today. The dividers and the bottom panel can be fully removed to become a more traditional sling if you don’t plan on carrying your camera. It is always nice to have options.

It holds my Sony aiii and Tamron 28-75mm and another lens. The second lens usually has to be a smaller one. I’m okay with this because I’m not taking this sling if I want to bring everything I own. The Hex DSLR Sling V2 knows what its purpose is and does it well.


If you want to match the look HEX has a matching Camera strap and wrist strap. The Camera strap is comfortable for everyday wear. The Ranger strap has nice comfy padding with breathable mesh that feels great on your neck. It comes in clutch on hot days where sweating becomes an issue.

To keep your precious camera from falling off the Hypalon connectors are rated to hold 80lbs each. They have a nice sturdy feel. If you prefer wrist straps HEX also has you covered. The same nice material on the neck strap is also on the wrist strap. My only frustration with the wrist strap is that it doesn’t stay tight. Security is an important feature of a wrist strap. I want something that doesn’t feel like it will slip off. One cool feature is that the clips are interchangeable so you can leave the clips on the side of the camera and pick the camera strap or the wrist strap.


The Hex Ranger Glacier Camo DSLR Sling V2 is a statement piece that will get the job done. As the headline says it is practical with style. It is rugged for weather and travel yet has a look for everyday carry. For $99 this Camera bag sling is a great buy. Get the shots that you want, hold the camera that you want, and look good doing it.

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