Embracing cozy bliss with the Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket

In the ever-evolving landscape of comfort and warmth, one item has become the unsung hero of chilly days and frosty nights – the Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket. I live in Minnesota where it’s not rare to see temps fall well below zero throughout the winter. Heat is essential and keeping one’s core warm can make all the difference. Therefore, I’m writing about the Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket as a bit of an expression of admiration. It literally and figuratively warms my heart.

Sweet Heat

The first encounter with my heated fleece is nothing short of a revelation. It’s not just a jacket; it is more of an invitation to a sanctuary of warmth. I realize it sounds a bit melodramatic, but you will see I’ve really started to like this thing. It means some days I may not even need to wear a massive bulky winter coat. But what truly set it apart from ordinary jackets is the hidden gem within – the heating element that promises to elevate the temps of my freezing core in the throes of nasty winter.

My initial skepticism about the necessity of a heated fleece quickly dissolves as I power it on. In seconds, the heating mechanism kicks on wrapping me in a cocoon of comfort. The fleece soon transforms from merely warm to luxuriously heated, radiating a gentle warmth that permeates my entire core.

The beautiful thing? The Venustas fleece is lined with heating elements throughout – even on the shoulders. This gives keeps my entire upper body warm and comfortable despite the elements.


One of the best aspects of the Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket is its versatility. It’s not confined to the outdoors, and it looks sharp. Whether I’m braving the frigid temps while ice fishing, enjoying a brisk walk through the woods, or simply warming up in the morning, this fleece is becoming a constant companion. Its ability to adapt to different settings makes it an indispensable part of my daily routine. I don’t have to turn it on or even keep the battery in the discreet pocket. I can simply use it as a comfortable outfit. I can even use the battery as a portable electronic charging device when my phone battery gets low.

What truly sets my heated fleece apart is its therapeutic prowess. In the depths of winter, when the chill seems to seep into my bones, the fleece becomes a haven of both comfort and relief. This doesn’t have to just be a winter fleece, however. The warmth it provides is perfect for any chilly or blustery day. The subtle heat promotes relaxation. It’s not just a Heated Fleece, it’s literally a remedy for the winter blues.


The technology behind the heating element deserves commendation. The adjustable settings allow me to tailor the warmth to my liking. I simply press the logo for three brief seconds to start preheating the five heating zones. After that, there are still three different heat settings I can set it to. This is perfect when I don’t need a full-on heat. I can simply adjust to a warm setting that doesn’t get too hot for me. Battery life is in the sweet spot. This fleece will last for about two to three hours on high – just long enough for a football game. It lasts roughly five to six hours on medium, and finally up to almost nine hours on the low setting.

Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward, adding to the overall appeal of my heated fleece. I recommend simply hand washing this fleece to ensure no damage is done to the heating element. Obviously, the battery should be removed for this, and just like any heated blanket or fleece, it should not be placed in a dryer. If I could fix one thing? I guess I just look forward to the day when batteries are slightly less bulky. That being said it really isn’t ever a nuisance in this fleece jacket.


In conclusion, the Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket is now a mainstay in my fall/winter gear. It’s stylish, versatile, and offers more than just heat. It’s a great companion to have for emergency cell charging or just in the car ready for my next adventure. I plan to use this for many upcoming harsh Minnesota winters. Cheers, Venustas, and well done.