Garmin takes on the Apple Watch with a solar-charged rival

Credit: Garmin

Seven days ago, I received the Garmin Fenix 6x Solar Pro watch and have yet to charge it. Actually, I still have 67% battery left. I think my wife is jealous. She has to charge her Apple Watch every night or it’s dead by morning. In a world full of wires and charging stations, the 6x Solar Pro watch stands out and is ready for any adventure, at any time. 

This watch contains a surprising amount of useful features. You can use it to track calories, steps and fitness goals, follow a GPS, connect to Bluetooth and even use a golf caddy app. 

The big selling point here? Very little charging. The battery life on this watch is expedition-ready. Garmin has truly built an impeccable outdoor adventure watch with its long-lasting battery life proving to be the ultimate game-changer. The watch face, called the Garmin Power Glass, charges the watch while you walk your dog, play golf, or partake in any outdoor activity. Garmin claims that this boosts the time between charges to a staggering 34 days! 

The watch is bulkier than the Apple Watch but is actually lighter (4.4 ounces compared to 2.9 ounces). I wore one of each watch on each wrist to the gym for comparison. (Yes, it looks funny.) The fitness stats were very similar. The black titanium case adds a touch of elegance yet is tough enough to take on any adventure adding an extra layer of protection as well.

The Garmin watch display is not a touch screen so you have to navigate using the buttons on the side. This is somewhat disappointing for a watch that seems to have everything else. The watch is compatible with the Garmin Connect and Connect IQ apps that customize the watch face with apps tailored to your own needs and helps you track all of the stats.

Garmin is well known for their mapping expertise and this watch lives up to this reputation. You can set your watch for an all-day expedition that will pin your location every hour and create a map that you can then follow home! The watch comes equipped with multi-GNSS support for precise location tracking. You can track the surrounding weather with a detailed Weather Radar widget along with other cool features such as a compass, barometer, and altimeter recording.

One of my favorite features of the Fenix 6x is its golf feature. This app allows you to become your very own golf caddy (great for me because I need all the help I can get on the fairways). This feature lets you know how far the pin is from your location, and Golf Distance Measurement is a great feature that can give you that added advantage against your friends! You can also track your score using the golf widget — and even track your swings using the integrated Garmin TruSwing app on your phone. I mean, what can this watch not do?

Whether you’re camping with no access to a charging source or hitting the gym after work, the Garmin 6x Solar Pro is a great asset on any adventure.