Get ready for the comfiest beach days this summer with Ballast

A group of people laying on the beach while resting their heads on their comfy Ballast pillows.
Credit: Ballast

Have you ever been laying on your beach towel on a blazing hot summer day with a plan to relax and maybe get a nice tan, but you end up just squirming uncomfortably? I know I get quite restless, especially because I either have to lay flat on my back or stomach, or I have to locate some sort of bag or towel to attempt to cushion my head. I find it rather irritating, and I think it ruins most of my beach experiences.

This is exactly why I was so excited to find the Ballast before the summertime beach days start. Now, I don’t think I could ever go back to my desperate attempts at beach comfort.

To put it simply, the Ballast is an inflatable pillow. But it is so much more than that. As I opened the box, I was astounded by the quality of the pillow. The Ballast pillow comes inside of an attached pouch that they call the Ballast Pouch. This pouch can be filled with sand once the pillow is inflated to ensure that nothing blows away.

The inflation process is easier than blowing up a balloon. Just a few puffs and the pillow is full. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that I am very picky about textures, and I found the pillow extremely soft and luxurious. The fabric was unique. It helps the pillow not hold onto the sand, and it also repels water. It was well-cushioned and shaped to cradle my head and neck very comfortably.

A woman inserting the Ballast Cooling Gel Pack into her Ballast pillow.
Credit: Ballast

Another great thing about the Ballast is that it is able to hold the Ballast Cooling Gel Pack. These packs sell in pairs. You can store them in a beach cooler and use them to keep yourself cool while resting your head. They slip easily into a pocket on the front of the Ballast where they are comfortably able to cool down your scorching hot beach experience.

I love the Cooling Packs for numerous reasons. First, who doesn’t need a good ice pack just in case? Not only that but if you heat them up, I can imagine using them while camping to warm up a cold night. Another thing that I quickly realized is that the Ballast can be a great therapeutic device if you have frequent headaches  (I’ve had several concussions and I wish I had the Ballast then). All it takes is a small amount of creativity and I can see so many uses for this wonderful pillow.

I honestly see no downsides to this product. Now, I can look forward to a summer at the beach where I don’t squirm in a futile attempt to relax. I trust that the Ballast will keep me comfy.