A leather strap worthy of investment

The leather watch strap in all color variations for the Bullstraps while being used on an Apple Watch.
Credit: Bullstrap

The thing about the Apple Watch is that it’s an investment. You spend hundreds of dollars for a watch with a silicone band, and for some people that may be enough. But what’s out there for those looking for something a little more…premium? 

When I purchased my metal band, I opted for a low-cost Amazon product that has served me well up until now but has started to show signs of wear and tear. The anodization started to wear off and I felt it was time for a new look. This is where Bullstrap came in! 

Bullstrap sells lifestyle accessories like phone cases, wallets, backpacks, and even scented candles! But the product I am most interested in is their line of Apple Watch straps. In particular, the 44mm Terra Leather strap currently on my wrist. 

Retailing at $89.99 for the 40mm|38mm or the 44mm|42mm watch models, Bullstrap offers four different colors from light Classic to the Black edition. You can check out all the different leather options here. They also offer silver and black metal straps if you are looking for something a little more casual.

My Terra leather Bullstrap came in a beautiful black logo embossed hinged gift box with the strap inside. Installation is as simple as pushing the little buttons on the top and bottom on the inside of your apple watch, sliding the old band out, and the new one in. That’s it!

One thing is certain, Bullstrap doesn’t mess around. They went to the best Italian suppliers and top-shelf tanneries to create a 100% calfskin strap that befits a product like the Apple Watch. This is leather that will only get better with time, developing a unique patina all its own. 

What I truly love about this band is the subtle features like the brushed silver or black hardware that matches the finish of your watch and ties all of the colors together. Another big selling point for me was the shape of the band. I looked at a lot of bands that just didn’t quite look right. Either the band was too thin and looked silly on my wrist or the end of the band was too pointed and didn’t suit my style. 

Bullstrap nailed all of it. The strap width is perfect, the end of the band comes to a perfectly rounded (but not too pointed tip), and the soft leather backing provides a comfortable surface on my skin.

It’s worth mentioning that as with any new leather strap, it is stiff at first. I moisturized mine by rubbing it with some of my Duke Cannon solid cologne. It is made with coconut oil, beeswax, and sunflower oil so it softened up nicely and smells great!
In conclusion, if you are looking for a band worthy of your Apple Watch investment, look no further. Bullstrap has your wrist covered! While you’re there, get yourself a nice scented candle too. You’ve been really rockin’ it lately… You deserve it!