How to protect your iPad without bulking up

The Twelve South BookBook iPad cases stacked on a table.
Credit: Twelve South

I love my iPad Pro. I have since the moment I unboxed it, maybe even from the moment I bought it. However, like most of my technology, I become incredibly nervous about damaging it. While I frequently use keyboard cases, having a slim case to use when I don’t need my keyboard case is incredibly useful.

I’ve looked at quite a few cases, ranging from cheap Amazon add on cases, to the best of the best.

Here are three of my favorites — for vastly different reasons.

Otterbox Symmetry Series 360 Case | $90

Though simple, I have found this to be a wonderful basic iPad Pro case. I feel confident that my iPad Pro will not be damaged with slight drops or scratched when I put it in my backpack. The Otterbox Symmetry Series 360 also includes a folio that has proven to be very useful when I watch Netflix or look up a recipe in the kitchen. It can be folded to prop up my iPad Pro at a variety of angles. Additionally, this folio protects my screen when closed. To secure my beloved Apple Pencil and folio, there is a magnetic strap. All in all, this is a wonderful basic slim case that I have quickly learned to love.

Nomad Rugged Folio | $150

If you’re like me and you love the look of quality leather on your electronics, these next two cases will really stand out to you. First off, the Nomad Rugged Case for iPad Pro. This iPad Pro case screamed quality the moment I unboxed it. I love the smell and feel of the Horween leather. I noticed immediately that Nomad includes a rendition of what the case will look like after 100 days — which I love. While this case has the kickstand abilities that the Otterbox has, it doesn’t stop there. Nomad has strategically placed 37 magnets to help securely attach the front and back of the case, hold the folio mode, and wake/sleep the iPad Pro. For us, as everyday users, this means that our Nomad Rugged Folio case just simply works, and really well.

Twelve South BookBook Case | $80

Maybe you are giving a presentation and want to look as though you are presenting straight out of a leatherbound book. Maybe you are wanting to hide your precious iPad from prying eyes. Maybe you are simply a lover of books. Regardless of your reason, the Twelve South BookBook Case might be for you. I have yet to find a case so unique. At first thought, I questioned who would actually need this. To think it’s cool is one thing, but is there a need? Then it hit me. My dad is one who doesn’t like anyone distracted by what’s on his case while presenting with an iPad Pro. So this is perfect for him. Maybe you’re a teacher and want to keep your candy crush addiction hidden while watching the kids in detention. Maybe you just like to have a protective sleeve with some style. The BookBook case includes built-in sketching and viewing angles like the above cases. And, as a bonus, it has a zipper and extra sleeve for cables, chargers, or a mouse that the other cases do not.