I never should’ve doubted BioLite’s AlpenGlow lanterns

Recently, the world seemed to go through a phase where everyone was obsessed with pretty lights. Almost anyone I know has some sort of twinkling light hanging somewhere in their house or maybe in their yard. There are so many varieties, but they all are small and – in my opinion – a little bit useless other than for looks.

Sure I love pretty things, but to me lights that are barely even useful for seeing things in the dark are a bit of a waste of potential. That’s why I was hesitant at first when I saw BioLite’s new AlpenGlow lanterns.

They might not be tiny, twinkling lights, but the AlpenGlow just looked like maybe it would end up being no more than a lights-only version of a lava lamp. That is, until I tried it out.

The AlpenGlow has actually become one of my all-time favorite products that I own. I have two of them. One is the AlpenGlow with 250 lumens and the other has 500 lumens. They each provide unique qualities that have helped me immensely in daily life as well as given me so much enjoyment.

I first tried the AlpenGlow with only 250 lumens (I refer to it as the AlpenGlow 250). It is so small and fun. This little light can pack quite the punch when it comes to brightening up a room, and its various lighting features (which I will get into later) have entertained me more than I expected to ever be entertained by a light.

After some time of primarily using the AlpenGlow 250 and loving it immensely I figured that it couldn’t get any better. Boy was I wrong. The AlpenGlow 500 is pretty much double the fun and super useful too. It is bigger, brighter, and has so many different lighting features.

What is so unique about AlpenGlow lanterns is that they contain a bunch of different ways to light up your space. This could be through changing colors, staying one color or shifting around multiple colors through the light.

Not only is it pretty, but it can provide plain, white light or a yellow light. The lanterns use something BioLite calls ChromaReal Technology, which helps the user to see colors and textures better in a low-light setting. I personally love turning the settings to a flickering candle light on both lanterns and reading a book while curled up somewhere quiet.

The only downside to this product is the struggle of figuring out how to work the light. The various ways it lights up can be hard to activate because there is a specific combination of pressing the top button and sometimes shaking the light to make it work the way you want. Even writing about it confuses me, but if you read the instructions I can assure you that you will figure it out. And trust me it’s worth the learning curve.

Of course these lights would just be another flashlight if their battery life was next to nothing. Thankfully, they have a very long battery life. The AlpenGlow 250 doesn’t last as long as the AlpenGlow 500, but it lasts a good while. I have owned these lights for a few months now and I have just had to plug in my AlpenGlow 500 this week for the first time. To give you an idea of how outstanding that is, I have used that light nearly every evening for a reading light and I’ve also sat and stared at the “fireworks” lighting feature for quite a while (it’s so pretty!). Oh, and by the way, these outstanding lanterns can also charge your phone!

I highly recommend Biolite’s AlpenGlow lanterns. Both the 250 and 500 lumen lanterns are wonderful. These can be used as a flashlight replacement, a pretty booklight, or to set a nice ambiance to whatever situation you’re in. I definitely  recommend these lanterns!