Traveling with a toddler can be stressful enough — Here’s how to make it easier

Now that COVID is calming down, my family has started traveling to see our family we have not seen since the world shut down in a pandemic. While looking to travel I wanted to find a handful of items that would make traveling with my toddler even better. There were three main areas that I wanted to make sure I had covered in my items I picked up.

First, I wanted to make sure that I had something to make the trip a little more exciting. Since we were driving, I didn’t want my son to just spend hours on his iPad. So I started looking for another device to keep his attention. I found the Yoto Player and I was instantly intrigued. Yoto promotes their layer as “A World of Imagination” and I absolutely believe it. This little player opens up a whole (safe) world of audio books, music, games, podcasts, radio and more. This immediately made me feel like this was the biggest and best step up possible from my MP3 player I had as a kid. The best part is that my 2.5 year old can operate this without a problem. Additionally, Yoto updates daily with new content and also has more content than I could ever go through available through their app and with expansion cards. The one thing I wish this had was a more universal charger, however I’m sure that Yoto had a reason for this unorthodox charging system.

Second, I wanted to make sure that my boy had a booster seat for meals. At home he uses a booster seat to raise him up to the table height without giving him too much room to run away and play. Since we were packing in our Jeep, I wanted something that could fold down and fit in a small space. However, I was not willing to give up the actual usability. I found Chicco’s Take-A-Seat 3-in-1 Travel Booster Seat. This chair ended up being so much more than I originally intended. I was hoping for just a simple folding chair booster. However what I found was something that also was a floor seat for when we were on the boat, camping, or having a picnic. And, it is the perfect sized toddler chair. One of the trips we went on included a ton of family in a couple large cabins on a lake. What that boils down to is a lot of people, with a normal amount of furniture. So, instead of having my 2 year old son take up an entire couch like he would prefer to do, I was able to give him a fun chair just for himself that could be placed anywhere we wanted. One thing I wish this had was an ability to get a little taller. However I understand that this seat maxes out at 50 lbs and my son is quite tall for his age, so most kids wouldn’t need that extra height.

Third, I wanted to make sure that my boy would be able to continue in his attempt to transition out of diapers. Since I really have no clue what I am doing when it comes to potty training, I wanted to be prepared for anything. The Delta Children PerfectSize 3-in-1 Potty was the perfect solution. I was able to be confident on our trip that regardless of what phase we were in at the time, I could make sure my son was able to use the bathroom confidently. This 3-in-1 is able to be a stand-alone training potty, split apart to be a step stool and seat that fits within a standard toilet seat, or be a collapsed step stool. This potty built by Delta is easy to clean, created in the USA, and made from recycled ocean plastics. One thing I wish is that there was a better way to catch the pee for boys. I don’t know how this could be done, but I was always nervous my boy would pee out of the front.

Having all three of these items made for a much less stressful trip away from our home, and routine, all while keeping our boy comfortable in a new environment. I couldn’t imagine not having these three for our most recent trip, and I cannot wait to see my boy keep using these items now that we are back home!