Is this Quince Quilt bedding really as good as the price?

From the photos on the Quince website of this organic bedding quilt, it was love at first sight. Usually, I don’t buy cloth items online. It’s so often better in the picture than in real life. I was anxious to see which way these Quince sheets would go. One day, while waiting for my order to arrive, I was hanging up my favorite long-lasting robe. I paused as the brand caught my eye for the first time: Quince. All this time, I had assumed this Christmas gift from my husband 2-3 years ago had been a simple Amazon search to find out it was from the same company I was awaiting my new bed set! My excitement and hope in these Quince sheets and quilt had been recharged.


Upon opening the Quince Organic Airy Gauze Quilt Set, I found a big fabric bag that matches the material and color of my quilt. I love a reusable and plastic-free packaging alternative, so Quince was already winning in my mind for sustainability. I read about their effects on sustainability on their website. They manufacture all of the products with renewable energy and upcycle fabric scraps. Quince also recycles 95% of their water use for future production. Since much of their production comes from India, they state to offer housing and accessible education to all their skilled artisan employees. Those are all things that I am happy to support!

Photograph: Annalise Santillan – author


But the support of all that does little if the quilt itself isn’t worth having. Thankfully for this review, it truly is an excellent quality item. After pulling the quilt from the bag, I discovered its incredible softness. I’ve mentioned my experience with the Quince European Linen sheets and how I found them less soft, though beautifully airy, for our summer weather.

I find my European Linen bedsheets and this super soft cotton quilt to be an excellent match for one another. Depending on your sheet preference, I would like to know if cotton sheets with a European linen duvet would be as lovely of a match. I would think so. For our warm Iowa summers, the linen sheets’ coolness but the cotton quilt’s warmth is a great mix. Too hot? Kick off the quilt. Got that A/C up high? This quilt will have you snug and warm, just the way I like to sleep.

This quilt is airy and fluffy. Our whole family quickly found themselves lying on top of this quilt in complete delight of its airy and soft texture. The throw pillow covers are made of the same material, matching the softness. There are threads joining together the four layers of fabric that help the inner pieces remain in place. I would imagine this helps immensely when tossing it in the wash. I still need to machine wash mine, but the instructions look simple enough. Just give it the love and care you would a usual somewhat gentle piece of laundry. With four kids, you better believe this thing will be seeing the wash sometime soon.

I chose the terracotta for a pop of color. But, more importantly, the darker color is meant to hide the who-knows-what stains that my kids are bound to make while they are not supposed to be in my room. I don’t blame them for wanting to roll around on this quilt! But must we do it while chewing on crayons?

Photograph: Quince website page


As with the European Linen bedsheets I reviewed, this quilt is the perfect size for my queen mattress. I got rid of my last duvet because it constantly annoyed me with its short length. It was meant to be for a queen bed but was constantly showing off our ugly box spring. One of these days, in our eight years of marriage, we will own a proper bed with no box spring exposed. But until we can decide on a bed frame we both like, I want that comforter covering it all. This one fits beautifully.


I have found the airy gauze quilt and pillow shams to be of excellent quality. Not only does this show through their soft texture but also their threading around the seams and the pull of the fabric. My only con was seeing where the stitching binds the four layers together; one stitch was unraveled. Time will be the ultimate factor for how well it continues to hold up in that area and if the layers remain sewn together well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been quite over the moon with this whole Quince bed set. From the bedsheets to this comforter quilt bedding, it has matched my expectations. I’ve read countless positive reviews from Quince and am thrilled to have my own positive experience to add to the list.