These airy Quince European Linen bedsheets will have you dreaming about the coolness of summer.

I’ve been on the search for new bedsheets over the last few months. Overall, I wanted something that was going to be great quality, since my Ikea sheets haven’t lasted as long as I’d hoped. I didn’t want to get anything crazy expensive. But I wanted sheets that had a modern, clean look. Among the Google searches, Quince’s bedsheet options stood out the most.

I initially chose the European linen bedsheets because of their attractive color scheme. They have a cozy, yet clean and crisp appearance. If you are like me and know very little about this type of linen. European flax is known best for its strength and breathability. Which is completely true in my experience.

Reusable bag with Quince Linen sheets inside. Photo by Annalise Santillan.
Photo by Annalise Santillan to show the reusable bag that the sheets arrive in.


When pulling these sheets from the bag, I wasn’t sure if I liked how they felt. It wasn’t what I was used to when it came to soft cotton sheets. Though they were much softer than other linen fabrics I have around the house. I would say they come in the middle. Not very soft, but also not like sleeping on a kitchen towel. This is what Quince advertises on their website when you scroll through the information about each bed set. Depending on your preference, you can get their silky smooth bamboo, the more typical jersey, or a super cozy organic flannel bed set. There are plenty to choose from.

Since trying these sheets out for a few weeks, I can say that I don’t notice a huge difference in feel anymore. What you have lost in silky softness, you have gained in breathability. I have enjoyed how airy these sheets are and how I don’t sweat during the night as I would in a traditional cotton set. It is a perfect bed set for the summer months.


The strength and quality of these sheets show by their lack of stretch. I like that they aren’t stretchy at all. They feel very sturdy and ready to last the next several years with us. They are made for even the thickest of mattresses. You know those frustrating moments of making your bed when you can’t seem to get those queen-sized sheets onto your queen-sized mattress? These will give you no trouble at all. I have found them to be so easy to wrap around our mattress with plenty of fabric to spare. Our old sheets were almost popping off after a day or two of sleep, but these Quince sheets stay in place all night.

Photo by Annalise Santillan to show the wrinkled appearance of the bed sheets.


These linen sheets give a more comfortable, wrinkled look about them. If you are a lover of pin-straight sheets that pull tightly and neatly, these linen sheets probably aren’t for you. I love having a house that shows it’s lived in yet clean, and that it’s organized yet comfortable. The clean, wrinkled sheets welcomes me to jump into bed and cozy up for a good nights sleep.

Overall Information

The European sheet set will come with your standard two pillowcases, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. These sheets come in several colors (I chose the Sand color) and cost roughly $110. That might be higher than your Walmart basics but still half the price of some of their competitors. Quince has a mission to bring quality fabrics and you will feel the difference between these sheets and the cheaply made brands. While delivering quality, Quince also works hard to keep aware of sustainability and fair trade wages. I’ve been trying my best to support companies that care about who’s making their products and Quince goes the extra mile to do just that.

I have been very pleased with my Quince European Linen bedsheets, their breathable fabric, and comfortable appearance. They work beautifully with my Quince quilted duvet. Overall, I look forward to continued great sleep ahead.