New OOFOS OOmg Sport Shoe, and OOriginal Sport Sandal review: Rejuvenate now

Photo Credit: OOFOS

For most of us, our feet take a beating. Whether due to sports, regular gym workouts and fitness goals, or just plain working all day. At the end of a long day, or a grueling workout our feet and body need to recover. Which is why the superior quality and intelligent design of OOFOS is just what we need to soothe and rejuvenate our feet and legs.

First Impression:

Within moments of putting on the OOriginal Sport Sandal, I’m amazed. It feels as if my feet are getting a massage, especially my arch. A few minutes later and I feel the comfort moving up into my ankles. After thirty minutes the relief and relaxation is radiating up into my calves. I am floored. These are off the charts comfort. It is like my foot is being cradled in kindness. It sounds a little cheesy and weird, but it is true. I also appreciate the sleek and stylish design.

Photo Credit: OOFOS

After several wears, I notice the sandals fit immediately without the regular sandal break-in period around the toes and where the straps meet at the sole. They snuggly grip my foot without pinching or rubbing. The straps are wider than traditional flip-flops and feel like my foot is being gently hugged or held to the sole. I prefer this to the sensation I get with traditional sandals which feel like my toes are dragging the reluctant sole with each step and the resulting smacking “flip-flop” sound as I walk. The sole of the OOriginal Sport Sandal is slightly curved and I appreciate how it aids in a smoother more natural walking motion. The sole is also thicker than most traditional sandals or flip-flops. One thing I notice is that the foam soles don’t breathe quite as well as other shoes and sandals. I find my feet get a little sweaty with extended wears, but nothing unreasonable.


What sets OOFOS footwear apart from the rest of the market is their OOfoam technology and patented footbed geometry. The OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear, which results in a foot soothing experience. This patented footbed design also reduces stress on knees, ankles and other joints. The design also creates a cradling like experience for the arch, while the curved sole enables a more natural and smooth walking motion. Another great feature is the closed-cell foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.

New OOmg Sport:

The new OOmg Sport shoe is designed from the same foundation as other OOFOS models, so I experience the same amazing comfort and relaxation when I wear them. What sets the OOmg Sport apart is its design as an athlete-inspired recovery shoe for post-game recovery. However, it is also street-ready and good for just about any occasion.

Photo Credit: OOFOS

I love that the unique 4-way stretch FibreFlex upper allows me to easily slip them on and off again. The midsole is accentuated by a tapered sidewall so I get maximum mobility, but with an athletic, closed-toed silhouette that is fashionable for most settings. They are really lightweight and flexible. I find that they keep my foot secure with just the right amount of pressure. They don’t feel too loose, or pinch and feel tight or get uncomfortable after longer wear times. The uppers almost wear with a sock like feel to them. Since they have the same OOfoam technology and footbed geometry, I get all the benefits of recovery and comfort. Again, this foam design leads to my feet getting a little hot and sweaty, however the light and breathable uppers do help.


OOFOS combines intelligent design with superior quality for an exceptional recovery experience. The OOriginal Sport Sandal and new OOmg Sport shoe are off the charts comfortable. The patented footbed technology provides recovery you can immediately feel. Whether you are an athlete or simply looking to relieve the aches and pains in your joints, back, and legs, these are sure to please. The soothing comfort, fashionable and functional design, and the superior quality come together for a seemingly revolutionary footwear experience. The new OOmg Sport shoe truly gets you back to your best and is a must-have for any athlete’s lifestyle.

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