Vitamix Propel 510 Blender review: Perfect blends – powerful performance

The Vitamix name is synonymous with quality in today’s blending market. The Propel 510 is a powerful option that delivers near perfection with each use. With Vitamix’s options, it is hard to know who exactly should get such an amazing blender. Let’s explore why the Propel 510 is the perfect blender for new customers.

What’s in the box

Vitamix keeps packaging a bit more simple with the Propel 510. It certainly isn’t as beautifully packaged as the Ascent series, but this really doesn’t impact anything unless you are into unboxing aesthetics. Inside the box I find the motor base, a 48oz container, a mini-tamper, and a “First blends” booklet. The booklet helps set up the blender and guides me through first time cleaning and use. It’s so easy to follow the directions and I’m immediately looking forward to my first recipe.

Like the Ascent, the base is on the large side with full blender dimensions at 9×7.5×17.5 in. This makes for a high sitting blender – for some it may be too large to fit under certain cupboards. I personally store my blenders in my cabinets anyways.

Ease of Use

Okay, I set up my first cleaning and go through the routine of getting the blender ready. Now it’s time to crush some ice. The Propel gets its first use at a large family gathering to celebrate a new baby on the way. Brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews alike are curious at how this thing will work. Seeing it in action is a beautiful thing. It’s smooth and crushes the ice I need for delicious fruity drinks with ridiculous ease.

It has ten variable speeds, allows me to pulse, and/or puree for a variety of different textures. I still need to figure out how to get chunkier salsa – I accidentally pureed mine and it was kind of gross. User error for sure on this one. This beast also has three specific program settings – Smoothie, Hot soup, and Frozen dessert. Naturally I gravitate towards frozen dessert where my wife makes incredible hot soups (tortilla and broccoli cheese). The propel handles the ingredients like a pro. This isn’t your average blender – it’s a masterpiece, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Power and Performance

Why is it so good? The answer is simple – it is powerful. With 1,380 watts of power (120V – 11.5A), I can’t help but watch in amazement as it literally destroys (in a good way) whatever I throw at it. For context, the “average” blender hits about 300-1000 watts of power. Ice, veggies, and frozen fruit don’t stand a chance. It’s just fun to watch, and it’s nice having the front row seat to my next delicious meal. I find myself using pulse frequently, but the pre-programmed option is nice. The tamper makes for a great blending aid in shake/malt prep, and I probably need to take advantage of it more often. Next up, homemade guacamole.

Bottom Line:

The Propel 510 is just another reason I’m such a fan of the Vitamix name. Chalk up another win for the dynasty as Vitamix delivers once again. This company offers crazy warranties on their products, incredible power and performance, and delicious blends. It’s no wonder chefs and homes want this brand in their kitchen. Need even more power with a larger capacity container and additional settings? Be sure to check out the Propel 750.