Kick-off the New Year with these new kicks

A new pair of shoes is needed for every occasion to kick-off the New Year. Whether your adding “run more” to your resolution list or “a new wardrobe” to stay off the year, it’s essential to know what you need to hit the ground running, literally.  So, I tried out these three diverse and versatile shoes to compare to three different occasions that can be added to your resolution-based list this year. 

On-Running: Cloudroam Waterproof

These innovative and multi-purposed shoes will get you through the new year. Weather or not you like to run, hike, or climb these shoes will withstand any terrain on your journey. As a local Minnesotan native, it is more often than not that the seasons change quite drastically throughout the year. Which is why the Cloudroam Waterproof Boat was able to withstand the rain, snow, and sleet upon the ground this year. 

In each experience, I felt the additional support on my ankles and the arch of my feet when wearing these shoes. The design is made to enhance comfort and endurance with each step you take. In both the snow and the sleet, you don’t have to fear a fall because the Missiongrip Rubber Bites are made to grip the ground you walk on with engineered material. I’ve been able to walk and run with these shoes on and have never felt more secure in my balance and control. Which is why I’d encourage these shoes to be added to you New Year resolution, if you want to pick up running or get back on the trail.

Go Clove: Classic Commuter

Don’t go back into work with your wornout and tired shoes. Pick up a pair of the latest and most comfortable shoe on the market made by Go Clove! The works days are known to be long and strenuous, but these Classic Commuter have been made with love and consideration for the care worker and daily commuter going into the New Year.

Put to the test at work and on the daily grind, I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek design of these shoes and even more impressed by the comfort. As someone who often has to be active at my day-job and dress business-casual, it was important to check off these two boxes of both comfort and werarability. Not only did the Classic Commuter provide room to roam, but made it bearable to walk a mile in my shoes again. These won’t be your new running shoe based on the sleek bottoms, but it can compete for your commute into comfort this year.

Cariuma: Pantone Cacao Nibs Canvas

Dress to impress has always been over-rated in my casual wardrobe and style. Yet, it’s essential to be casual and effortlessly stylish in the New Year. Which is why the Pantone Cacao Nibs Canvas will be a game-changer and addition to your everyday look to the new you this year. The color palette, design, and comfort of these sneakers check off all the boxes for every day wearability and style. 

The low-top will top every other shoe you own and enhance your casual look with just an easy slip onto your feet. I’ve paired these works on for a more business-casual look for the day on the job and for a walk around the neighborhood. It is important to note that although these shoes are perfect to slip-on your feet and designed with a cork-insert, it is not the design of choice for long walks or additional support. It is best to consider these shoes for your everyday commute or for that casual fit check for your New Year.

8000 Kicks: Explorer V2

Built from organically sourced material and designed to take on any day. These 100% waterproof and durable shoes are why the Explorer V2 is the next purchase you need for your sneaker collection. It is not only a sneaker to wear on the treadmill, but a sneaker you can wear in the house with dustproof material and comfortability. These are made to fit in with your daily routine and can be paired with any outfit choice. As someone who runs around all day with little children and is often afraid of slipping on the floor, I have felt reassured with these shoes on because of the great balance support and firm soles.

Make sure you also check out the awesome color collection from the Explorer V2 launch. These shoes aren’t just made for sustainability but for wearability. If you are someone like me who prefers to match my outfits with my shoes, then you will love the color options in this collection. From beige to navy blue or even all-black, these shoes will match any style preference. Enjoy shopping this collection and pick which style works for you, but each shoe is engineered the same for durability and comfort.

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