Start your day with the latest, clean skincare launches

I used to be someone who never would read what was on the back of a box. Be it for food, makeup, skincare, etc. This was a dangerous choice to make when the ingredients I was using, specifically on my face to wash away the day, began to hurt my skin more than help my skin. I started to have breakouts on my skin and irritation that couldn’t seem to go away. After talking with a consultant, it became obvious that I had a chemical reaction to an ingredient that I was using in my skincare routine.

This began a long, but necessary, discovery of clean skincare products. The first step in this process was learning what are some of the best and latest “clean” skincare brands out there. This led me to discover and test out six up-and-coming brands with the latest, clean skincare launches for 2024.  

As someone who often enjoys smelling decent, it became a shock that perfumes have some of the harshest chemicals out there. FYI, this is what happens when you spend an awful amount of time on Google – you learn things. So, I wanted to test out and find a perfume brand that would be long-wearing, clean, and preferably smell decent.

1. CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar

What I came across was the brand, Clean Reserve — and note the word “Clean” is in the branding name and for good reason. The CLEAN RESERVE Sparkling Sugar is noteworthy for being a part of a movement and partner for clean ingredients in their products while giving back to the Protect Our Species Campaign.

The latest launch of Sparkling Sugar is part of their nature campaign to help the ladybugs! Not only are you shopping for a clean and noteworthy perfume with a ladybug on the bottle, but partnering with a brand that seeks to help the earth. While applying just one spritz to my skin, I awoke to a whole new fragrance of warm, berry-scented goodness. The perfume is long-lasting and has survived an entire day at work. The fragrance is not too overwhelming for those with a more sensitive nose but settles into the skin and leaves behind a compliment-worthy scent. 

2. NO B.S. Rejuvenating Niacamide Elixir

When I wake up for the day and am seeking to be rid of my sleepy-eyed skin, the first thing I seek to do is wash my face. In an effort to start my skincare routine, I wanted to test out a serum that would have NO B.S. — which is funny that the brand NO B.S. exists and lives up to the name.

As part of the latest skincare launches of 2023, is a Rejuvenating Niacamide Elixir that claims to “radically improve uneven skin tone, the look of pores, and fine lines while hydrating and calming stressed skin.” If a blessing was in a bottle, it would be this product. After testing out many serums in the past that have not been from a clean brand, this serum has improved the texture of my skin and balanced out the tone of my skin. In the 3-weeks I was given to review the latest skincare launches, I found lasting results in just one drop to the start of my morning.

The scent of citrus in the product will make you crave a glass of orange juice after you apply it to the skin but does not linger for long. From the first week of testing this product, I saw an improvement in my overall skin and a natural glow underneath my makeup. 

3. ILIA Bright Start Retional Alternative Eye Cream

At the end of the AM skincare routine, it was essential to find a hydrating cream that could begin the start of my makeup application. This is where ILIA Bright Start Retional Alternative Eye Cream was discovered as one of the leading skincare-powered brands for clean launches.

An eye cream can be hit or miss based on what works for your skin, but this eye cream is different. Made to brighten the skin this product rolls away fine lines with a built-in massage tool and can help conquer the day ahead with just one application. So, you can feel alive and ready to start the day.

Then, when I am barely awake at night and am seeking to get rid of my day makeup, the first thing I seek to do is wash my face (again). The first step for a PM skincare routine is a makeup remover, but finding a clean makeup remover is essential.

4. Strip Makeup Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover

Now, I used to think soap and water was a well-balanced step to removing makeup, but that is the easiest way to dry out your skin. So, one of the latest and most clean skincare products for makeup remover is from Strip Makeup. The name of the brand speaks for itself, with nourishing and hydrating benefits — the Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover is a game-changer. The best perk to this clean makeup remover is that you can trust the ingredients and enjoy the smell of coconuts on your skin. It only took one swipe of the product to enjoy for my application to remove all my makeup from the day. When people say a little goes a long way, I think they were talking about the Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover. 

5. Urban Skin Rx Super C Body Bright Oil

The next step to my PM skincare routine that I wanted to test out is from the up-and-coming Urban Skin Rx brand with the latest Super C Body Bright Oil. I put this oil to the test on areas of my skin that have discoloration and imperfection marks. This product is made with clean ingredients and is cultivated to improve stretch marks or scars by restoring the skin texture. It is a product that I would recommend trying for a longer period of time for the skin barrier to improve, but the oils will leave your skin instantly hydrated with a refreshing glow.

6. Fig.1 Retinol Night Cream

As one of the final steps in any skincare routine, it is important to begin using retinol in your mid-twenties. Research has shown that retinol is an important ingredient that can firm skin texture and improve your skin, but it is important to test out the results by using it every other night. Since the skin can react differently to the retinol cream that you use. This is why Fig.1 Retinol Night Cream is manufactured and uniquely designed to base each retinol cream on levels that match the skin barrier and sensitivity after 4-6 weeks of testing the product on your skin. Once your skin barrier can handle the retional cream without risk of irritation, then you can upgrade by refilling to the next level.

Within the first few weeks, I began to notice a very noticeable difference in my skin texture. It was important for me to use the retional cream only at night and as the second to last step in my skincare routine before moisturizing. The benefits of retional night cream are just as Fig.1 claims and formulated to bring only the best quality ingredients. Add this retinol cream to your skincare routine to restore your skin barrier and start glowing.

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