These wireless earbuds charge my phone when it dies

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How long will it be until our phones are completely wireless? 

When Apple announced in 2016 that the iPhone 7 would be without a 3.5mm headphone jack, the Apple community erupted into pandemonium. People couldn’t imagine a phone without this seemingly essential feature.

Although some still miss the headphone jack today, most Apple iPhone users have moved on. Apple AirPods are now commonplace, and many other companies have joined the mission to create the best wireless earbuds on the market. 

As a proud user of the original Apple AirPods, and somewhat of an Apple enthusiast, I was hesitant to explore other wireless earbud options. When I received the SOUL SYNC Pro wireless earbuds, I committed to setting aside my AirPods for two weeks to fully experience them.

During these two weeks, I put the SYNC Pros to the test.

Immediately, I was struck by these earbud’s noise-cancellation technology. I used them to mow and they completely blocked out the noisy engine. Typically, I use my Beats Solo 3 headphones for this job, but now I prefer the SYNC Pros with their comfortable memory foam ear tips. I favor them because of the seal that they create. Sadly, after only a few uses, the memory foam began to rip and I had to switch back to the standard rubber tips.

When it comes to overall sound quality, the SOUL SYNC Pro’s bass could use some improvement. When a bass-heavy song comes on, they struggle to deliver the clean, low-frequency sound levels I look for in my earbuds. However, the lack of bass is their only major setback.

SOUL claims that the battery case will charge the SOUL SYNC Pros up to 22 times before needing a recharge. I found this hard to believe but was blown away when it proved true. With a 3000 mAH battery, I never worry about running out of battery. I can even use the case to charge my phone or other devices via the USB-C port. 

The SYNC Pros also house dual microphones within the stems of the earbuds. These microphones provide a fairly high-quality experience when talking, with only one real issue. When on a phone call, the recipient of the call hears a constant buzzing in the background. Despite this problem, the earbuds are great for voice commands.

The touch commands are simple and intuitive. I rarely feel the need to pull my phone out when listening to music. I can pause/play, skip, and access Siri by tapping either earbud a certain number of times.

Overall, my experience with the SOUL SYNC Pros was positive. Although I am a loyal Apple user, I’m glad to see other tech companies producing quality products that can compete.

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