Where I’m finding the best clean make-up for 2024

Out with the old and in with the new, clean makeup. If you’re anything like me and gravitate towards whatever is on the makeup shelf without reading the back of the label, then it’s time for us to enter into the world of clean beauty. Many clean beauty brands exist today and each one is created with a similar purpose: to benefit the skin by removing harsh chemicals from their product and creating a clean, cruelty-free brand. 

Now, that is a simplification of the clean beauty industry, but this clean beauty era is one that I hope to see more of in 2024. Here are some of the best clean beauty brands of the era.

Ami Cole: Desert Date Cream Multistick

Don’t worry about adding additional steps into your busy, morning routine. This is a multi-functional and multi-purposed Multistick that accomplishes not one, but three ways for a clean beauty application. As a lipstick connoisseur, I never once thought that what would be safe on my lips could also be safe for my eyelids and checks. Yet, this is a one-and-done kind of product that has four shades to match any skin tone. 

The coverage on this multi-stick is one of my favorite parts of the design. It is a smooth application, but you only need to swipe once and the coverage should last the day. It’s important to make sure you don’t forget about the rest of your makeup steps, but if you’re on a tight schedule and just need a multi-stick for the day then you found the right one with Ami Cole.

Trinny London: BFF All Day Foundation

It can be hard to breathe under a ton of heavy foundation, but Trinny London may have just made the solution. The BFF All Day Foundation is going to enrich your skin and leave a natural, clean look for your entire day. I’ve tried plenty of formulas from tinted to matte foundation and never found a clean product that left my skin feeling good after a makeup application – until now. This is not baked like a cake and won’t leave you cakey, but will glide onto your skin with just one drop. The product is made to last and enrich your skin tone through vitamins and a clean formula from eighteen different shades to choose what works for you. 

It is essential to know what is going onto your skin and know that the BFF All Day Foundation can be your skin, but better in a single application. 

Make Beauty: Skin Mimetic Concealer 

This concealer is called Skin Mimetic for a reason. There’s nothing quite like holding a heavy tube of makeup where you can feel the quality of the design. This 0.26 ounce of twenty different shade ranges of concealer is made to brighten and add coverage to your clean beauty era. With a narrow-pointed applicator and beautifully designed bottle – the product itself is even better than the exterior package. 

After just one use, my skin already appeared more bright and evenly toned in my complexion. It held well under and on top of my foundation, while paired nicely alone. If you are someone who wants a more natural finish or buildable coverage, this concealer is a game-changer. Make sure to complete with routine with this all-natural finish to blend in the many benefits of this concealer.

Live Tinted: Hueskin Hydrating Serum Concealer

Concealer made to glide smoothly onto your skin without a trace of dark spots or pores hidden underneath. The Hueskin Hydrating Serum Concealer which is made from Live Tinted is a worry-free concealer that is designed to increase your makeup game and blur any imperfections that you don’t want to be seen. It is a lightweight formula, but somehow still performs at a full-coverage level. There is nothing that you won’t like about this concealer, except for a need to have more in their shade range so that everyone can enjoy the product. Yet, with 20 shades to choose from it is still a great range of options to discover this new and improved combination of makeup that is also skincare. With niacinamide, caffeine, and a long list of essential ingredients there is no going back to your previous concealer.

If you are on the market for a 12-hour wear test concealer that will hydrate your skin as you go through your daily routine, then look no further and Live Tinted.

Salty Face: Liquid Bronzer

Do you enjoy sun-kissed skin without having to sit all day in the sun? Or how about glowy and dewy makeup that adds a fresh shine to your radiant skin? Then, you’ve found the best-kept secret in the makeup community with Liquid Bronzer from Salty Face. I believe this product is better and easier to use than the other brands that try to recreate glowy skin. Since this product melts into your skin and is part of your skincare routine. It is highly recommended that you add a single drop of the liquid bronzer into any of your moisturizers or SPF products before applying your makeup. Then, once the two products work together, you’ll be left with healthier and more hydrated skin that hides dark spots and adds that desired glow. The secret is out and it’s time to shine with the liquid bronzer from Salty Face.

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