Why the Nomatic Carry-On Pro + Tech Case is seamless travel at its best

The challenges and intricacies of air-travel continue to grow. The ability to navigate check-in, TSA, boarding, and stowing luggage smoothly requires next level organization. Especially if you are trying to travel simply with carry-on luggage. Enter Nomatic. The Nomatic Carry-On Pro + Tech Case combines optimized packing and durability for life on the move.

On a recent trip I see a well-meaning gentleman struggle with his various bags and travel items. Despite his best efforts he seems flustered and disheveled. I have an “ah-ha” moment. I don’t have to be “that guy.” Travel can be effortless and smooth. You just need the right tools and accessories. I vow, moving forward to travel like a pro.


The Nomatic Carry-On Pro + Tech Case is everything I expect at first glance. It is sleek, stylish, and includes my desired features – packable carry-on with an accessible tech compartment. I immediately like the locking mechanism that keeps both the self-contained tech compartment and suitcase secure. The minimalist design allows for quick access of either compartment without having to access the other.

I pack a few t-shirts, underwear, socks, and a light sweatshirt. I also add my favorite travel shoes and some toiletries. It’s a tight fit, however the folding compression panel and magnetic compression straps help. The Carry-On Pro is meant for 1-3 day trips, so optimized packing is key. While I am able to fit what I need, the space is limited as about half of the Carry-On Pro is dedicated to the tech compartment.

Now that my clothing is stowed, I turn my attention to my tech. The Tech Case (also available separately) is built for the Carry-On Pro. I quickly load it with my computer (capacity for a 15-inch laptop) and power cables. The internal organization keeps all of my cables and accessories neat, tidy, and accessible. There is just enough room for a file or a few papers. The removable shoulder strap and built in roller handle strap for attaching to the Carry-On Pro are convenient and give it greater versatility.


Travel is relentless against luggage, so having quality components is ideal. The industry leading one hundred percent Makrolon polycarbonate shell is durable and built to last. The Carry-On Pro also comes with Hinomoto wheels and a low-profile strong handle so I don’t worry about them getting caught or broken by careless handling. The YKK zippers and TSA lock give me confidence that my items will stay secure throughout the duration of my travels. I admit the Tech Case compartment gives me some pause and concern that it can withstand the rigors of traveling (especially if it is checked). However, so far, I haven’t had any issues.

Internally, the Fidlock compression system with folding panels really manages to maximize storage and hold clothing in place. The internal pockets help organization and accessibility. The Carry-On Pro truly lets me pack more in less space. However, much of the interior is either unavailable due to the compartment for the Tech Case, or obstructed by the internal frame for the roller handle.

I appreciate the commitment to the front accessible compartment, but it is a little oversized for the Tech Case and I find I need to stuff some clothing items in there just to make this case work for my trip. While I love the Carry-On Pro’s sleek exterior, I think it could be designed with a little more accessible packing space internally.


The Carry-On Pro is sleek and stylish. I love the look and honestly, using the Carry-On Pro is a confidence booster. I feel put together, have everything I need, and know my gear is ready for any test. The Carry-On Pro is built with precision (exactly meeting airline regulation dimensions – 14 x 9 x 22). So navigating air travel is effortless and carefree.

The Carry-On Pro is certainly created for life on the move. Designed for durable travel and optimized packing, it does feel a little unforgiving if you need some additional space or the luxury of non-essential items. The upside is travel with the Carry-On Pro + Tech Case is seamless and smooth (and everything I need is accessible and secure).


The Nomatic Carry-On Pro + Tech Case is stylishly designed with durable materials and optimized packing for seamless travel. Although, a novice or casual traveler may find it challenging using the Carry-On Pro by itself, they may find it useful as an accessory to a checked or companion bag. That way they can still have their tech accessible and a few necessities safely with them in the cabin. Alternatively they can opt for the Nomatic Carry-On Classic for additional packing space.

For the seasoned traveler who wants their tech with them and accessible, the Carry-On Pro + Tech Case is seamless travel at its best. The Carry-On Pro matches the right tools and accessories to travel like a pro. It provides all the durability, accessibility, and security one desires with a sleek and stylish design.

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