Anti-Aging & Luxurious Share the Soap Face Serum

The Beast of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The aging process sure can be… well a jerk. Those fine lines appear around your eyes and on your forehead without any consent from you. It’s just plain rude. But, never-the-less they come with increased prominence throughout our lives. This process can begin around the mid-twenties and charges onward relentlessly. With time, either sun damage exposure, smoking, or the natural loss of collagen will all lead to the wrinkling process. 

Often, upon discovery of fine lines and wrinkles panic arises resulting in the witch hunt for a product to slow the natural aging process. Yet despite our finest efforts, we are often proven unsuccessful. However, I can report with tremendous excitement that I was able to discover a product that has been effective in lowering the appearance of fine lines while providing other fabulous functions. This product is from a company called Share the Soap and this is their Face Serum product! 

Share the Soap: Face Serum

The Share the Soap Face Serum is incredible! This product can be used under sunscreen, foundation, and is great if you have sensitive skin! This Face Serum blend consists of organic argan oil, cold-pressed pure sweet almond oil, a blend of 5 pure essential oils, and organic calendula oil. I have found that my favorite time to use this product is right before bed. I wash my face with the Share the Soap Sea Salt Goat Milk Facial Soap & Toner which is full of minerals, Himalayan Salt, with the pure essential oils of lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary. 

Then, after using this Facial Soap and Toner I apply the Share the Soap Face Serum. This combination allows me to wake up with skin that fairly glows! This wonderful Face Serum also does not clog my pores, cause me to break out, or dry out my sensitive skin! I have also learned that during application of this product a little bit of the Face Serum goes a long way.

Other Uses for the Share the Soap Face Serum

I have also found that this product is also great for my hands and cuticles! I don’t know about you, but my hands can get as dry and cracked as the Sahara Desert (I might be exaggerating a little) and it drives me crazy! This happens especially during the snowy and blustery Minnesotan winters. Not only do my hands dry easily, but my finger nails tend to be quite dry, brittle, and break easily. 

But no no no, not with the Share the Soap Face Serum around! Right after I apply this Face Serum to my face before bed I then apply the product to my hands and cuticles. Without fail, I will wake up with soft hands with strengthened and fortified fingernails.

About the Company Share the Soap

The Share the Soap company started with wonderfully humble beginnings, with high standards, and quality ingredients. Share the Soap began in the fall of 2023 when the owner began making products with extra goat milk from their dairy goats. Many failures blossomed into quality products through many dedicated hours of research and product testing. This family knows what it is like to deal with chemical skin sensitivities, so this led them to create products that only use essential oils and plant fragrances. 

This also means that the colorants of the products are from natural colorings and mineral micas. These won’t be the cheapest products on the market because this company believes in creating high quality products which means you don’t use the cheapest ingredients. Share the Soap also values caring for the environment and that is why even their packaging is eco-friendly! I believe that you will find this company easy and enjoyable to work with and that you will find their products to be high quality!  


Overall, I love the products that I have tried from Share the Soap and will continue to use them! This company is so easy to work with and Share the Soap desires to bring you a quality product that you will be satisfied with! So go check out Share the Soap and the plethora of products they have to offer! 

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